Audit Logs


The Audit Logs screen in Admin enables users with sufficient rights to view all object changes that have occcurred in all SAP Field Service Management applications.


Please note the following exceptions:

  • Single value fields are abbreviated to 128k characters. For example, a value contained in the audit logs would be: “This is a very large Str…”
  • Records with more than 10M characters will be discarded.
  • Excluded fields (including binary, passwords, etc) will contain [Unaudited value]

Excluded Binary Fields

Please note that the following binary fields are excluded from auditing:

  • Signature
  • CompanyInfo#companyLogo
  • ChecklistTemplate#content
  • ChecklistInstance#content


Access to the Audit Logs screen is restricted to users with the SUPERUSER role.

To access the Audit Logs screen, navigate to Admin > Account > Audit Logs.

Additionally, the Changelog screen can also be accessed by selecting the Changelog button below a Data Subject record in the Data Subjects screen:

A Closer Look

When you select a record in Audit Logs, the application will display the following:

Field Description
ID The ID of the Changelog entry.
Company If applicable, the company with which the object is associated.
Object ID The unique ID of the object.
Object Name The name of the object (example: Business Partner, User, Service Call).
Operation The CRUD operation which was performed on the object (example: Create, Update, Delete).
Occurred On The date/time at which the object was changed.
User The ID of the user responsible for performing the change.

By clicking on the link contained in the ID field, the application will then display the following:

By clicking on the icon in the Details field, the application will then display the following information.

Field Description
Field Name The name of the field on which the change occurred.
Old Value The previous field value of the object.
New Value The new field value of the object.