Authentication Events

In a Nutshell

The Authentication Events tab is used to view application log-ins associated with account.


The Authentication Events tab can be located by navigating to Admin > Account > Authentication Events from the side menu:

Please note that you must have ADMIN or SUPERUSER privileges in order to access this feature.

A Closer Look

When you navigate to the Authentication Events tab, you will see the following:

Field Description
ID The unique ID of the log-in event. This ID is generated automatically by the application.
Type The type of log-in event. Options include: SIGN_IN, SIGN_OUT, SIGN_IN_SAML, SIGN_IN_FAILURE, etc.
Date The date and time at which the log-in event occurred.
Client The client in which the log-in event occurred (example: windows, admin, android, etc.)
User The account user associated with the log-in event.

By clicking on an authentication event ID, the application will display the following view with the same information listed above: