Attention: SAP Field Service Management documentation is now available at the SAP Help Portal. On 31 December 2020, docs.coresystems will no longer be available. Until that time, documentation will NOT be updated in docs.coresystems.

In a Nutshell

It is in the Companies tab where you can select a company and then view and manage Company information.

A Company is one of the key organizational units in SAP Field Service Management. One or more companies can be associated with an Account.

ATTENTION: The recommended maximum number of companies for a single SAP Field Service Management account is 50.

A Closer Look

When you navigate to the Companies tab and select a company, the application will display the following:


Field Description
ID The unique ID of the company
Name The name of the company
Description A description of the company.
Industry If applicable, the industry with which the company is associated.
Time Zone The time zone in which the company operates.
Type The type of configuration associated with the company. Options include:
  • ERP: this configuration type is only used for integration with SAP Business One and SAP ECC CS/PM, S/4HANA PM and S/4HANA CS in compatibility mode.
  • Standalone: this configuration type is used for integration with SAP S/4HANA Service (cloud and OnPrem), SAP C4C and SAP CRM and any other integration, or for standalone usage (example: demo systems).


Field Description
Attachments Size The total amount of attachment data currently used by the company.
Database Name The name of the database associated with the company.
Database Password Updated If applicable, the date/time on which the database password was updated. The database password can be updated by selecting the Change Database Password option below.
Database Size The amount of data currently contained in the company database.
Deployment The current deployment state of the company and its database.
Full Text Search Enabled or Disabled. For each company database there is an elastic search feature to improve full text search capabilities. When Enabled, this feature will be active.

Note: When elastic search is in use, the Planning and Dispathing app will ignore persmissions set as OWN or NONE on Service Calls and Activity objects.


Attention: the company security settings can only be modified by SAP Support.

Field Description
Strict Data Access Enabled or Disabled. When Enabled, company can only be accessed using strict password protocols.
Strict Mobile Encryption Enabled or Disabled. When Enabled, the mobile application can only be accessed using strict password protocols.

Upload / Download Company Configuration

The Upload / Download Company Configuration functionality aids with setting up and maintaining a company configuration throughout multiple companies.

With this feature, it is possible to upload or download company settings, workflow steps, business rules, email templates, screen configurations, etc.


In order to access the Upload / Download Company Configuration function, you must be assigned the ADMINISTRATOR, SUPPORT, or SUPERUSER role.

To download or upload a company configuration, navigate to Admin > Account > Companies and select the company for which you wish to upload or download a company configuration.

Under the Maintenance section you will see the following:

Download Company Configuration

Attention: Please note that if the CoreSystems.Now.CompanyUrl setting is downloaded and used for another company, it will result in errors, as the URL must be unique for a given company.

To download the company configuration, select the Download button. The application will then prompt you to select which objects associated with the company you wish to download.

After selecting the Download button in the form, a file containing the company configuration will be downloaded to your local machine.

Upload Company Configuration

To upload a company configuration, select the Upload button. The application will then prompt you to select the configuration file, and select which objects and settings to overwrite:

When you have selected which objects and settings to upload, select the Upload button below the form.

Dependencies in Company Configuration

Note that these 3 items are connected:

  • custom field definitions
  • screen configurations
  • translations

Screen Configurations might depend on Translations and on Custom Field Definitions (UDFs). When importing them individually, unexpected behavior may occur when opening and saving screen configurations that have UDF or Translations set that are not available in the company.

The Screen Configurator App will try to automatically fix issues for the user. For example, it will remove custom labels of fields, which depend on custom translations if the translation key cannot be found. This may lead to unexpected configurations.

It’s recommended to either:

  • upload all 3 together before editing in the screen configurator app
  • or import each of them individually but in the correct order, which is:
    1. UDF Definition
      In Admin (Custom Objects > Custom Field Definitions button) > Download & Upload
    2. Translations
      In Admin (Translations button) > Download & Upload
    3. Screen Configurations
      In Admin (Screen Configurations button) > Download & Upload

Company Configuration Upload Error

The following message will display if a setting or object already exists and the Delete Existing Configuration option is set to inactive:

Company Configuration Upload Success

The following message will display when the upload procedure was successful. The Message will contain the selected settings/objects uploaded and their count.