Event Logs

Attention: SAP Field Service Management documentation is now available at the SAP Help Portal. On 31 December 2020, docs.coresystems will no longer be available. Until that time, documentation will NOT be updated in docs.coresystems.

In a Nutshell

The Events tab is used to view changes to company and account settings and configurations in the application.


The Events tab can be located by navigating to Admin > Account > Events from the side menu:

Please note that you must have ADMIN or SUPERUSER privileges in order to access this feature.

A Closer Look

When you navigate to the Events tab, you will see the following:

Field Description
ID The unique ID of the log-in event. This ID is generated automatically by the application.
Company The company associated with the change event.
Type The type of change that occurred on the setting or configuration (Save, Delete, Update, Create).
Object ID The unique ID associated with the setting or configuration. This ID is generated automatically by the application.
Object Type The type associated with the setting or configuration (example: password).
By The user responsible for the change event.
Date The date and time at which the event occurred.

When a record is clicked, the application will display the field name, the old value, and the new value.

Note: this is an event log record for a password change. For this example (password change), the old value is not displayed and the new value is encrypted.