Session Configuration

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In a Nutshell

It is in the Session Configuration tab of the Admin application, you can set the number of minutes a session will last before the user must login again.


Note: Users with ADMIN, SUPERUSER, and ACCOUNT priviliges can acccess this tab/feature.

The Session Congiguration tab is located at Account > Session Configuration. Click on the account name drodpown and select the My Account option:

You will then see the session configuration option in the left-hand menu:

A Closer Look

Session Configuration

When you create a new Session Configuration, you will see the following information:

Field Description
ID Read-only. The auto-generated ID of the session configuration.
Client The client or app on which the session configuration is being applied. Please refer to the Client Ids table below for more information. If no selection is made, the session configuration will be applicable for all apps. If necessary, different session configurations can be made for each client.
Expiration (minutes) Required. The number in minutes the session will last before expiring. The deault session time is 720 minutes.
Prolong Session Yes or No. Default no. By selecting yes, the application will prompt the user to prolong the session before expiring.
Maximum Prolongation (minutes) If Yes in the Prolong Session field, the number of minutes for which the session will be prolonged.

Client IDs

A minimum version can be configured for the following clients:

App Name Short Description Client Id
Administration Admin admin
Analytics & Reporting AR reporting
Configuration CO or Config configuration
Data Loader DL data-loader
Smartforms and Feedback KM knowledge-management
Map Map map2
Market Place MP (TBC) marketplace
Master Data Management MDM master-data-management
Mobile Field Service App - Android Android android
Mobile Field Service App - iOS iOS ios
Mobile Field Service App - Windows Windows windows
Project Planner PM project-management
Report Designer (JasperSoft Plugin) RD reportdesigner
Scribe Integration SI scribe
Service Crowd SC (TBC) service-crowd
Sign Up SU sign-up
System Monitoring SM monitoring
Planning and Dispatching WFM workforce-management
Zapier Integration ZI zapier