User Roles

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The User Roles screen is used to manage and edit which Admin screens and associated records a given user role can view, create, update, and/or delete.

User Roles rights can only be configured for custom user roles, not for the default roles included in SAP Field Service Management (USER, SUPERUSER, EXTERNAL_USER, and EXTERNAL_SUPERUSER)

A Closer Look

Screen Reference

When creating a new user role or updating an existing one, the application will display the following:

Field Description
ID The ID of the user role. This is generated automatically by the application.
Name The name of the user role. This name must be ALL CAPS and can only contain underscores (_).
Created The date/time at which the user role record was created.
Updated The date/time at which the user role record was last modified.
Permissions The Admin screens and associated CRUD operators for the user role. See Permissions section below.


CRUD permissions can be applied to the following Admin screens for a user role:

Permission Create Read Update Delete
Account X X X X
Company X X X X
Company Setting X X X X
Subscription   X X  
User Group X X X X
User X X X X
Client X X X X
SAML Configuration   X    
Session Configuration X X X X
Password Policy X X X X
Authentication Events   X    
Events   X    


Create New User Role

1.) Navigate to Admin > Account > User Roles.

2.) Select the Create option in the top-right corner:

3.) The application will then redirect you to the following view where you will enter a name for the new user role:

Note: a user role name must be in ALL CAPS and can only use underscores(_).

4.) Click the Edit button located below.

5.) You will now be able to apply CRUD permissions to the user role:

6.) When complete, click the Update button below.

7.) The new user role will now be displayed in the main User Roles screen:

Assign User Roles to Users

You can assign a user role to users at Admin > Account > Users:

For more information on the Users screen, refer to the following document.