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In a Nutshell

It is in the Users tab where you can view and manage account user information and activate and deactivate users.

A Closer Look

When you navigate to the Users tab, you will see the following information:

Field Description
ID The unique numerical ID associated with the account user. This is automatically generated by the application.
Created The date on which the user was created.
Name The user name.
Email The user email address.
Roles The role(s) currently assigned to the user.
Active True or False. When true, the user can access the system depending on the user group assigned for a company and is counted against used licenses. When false, the user cannot access any company independent of the user group assigned and is not counted against used licenses.
User Groups User group(s) assigned to the user. This defines if the user can access a certain company and which permissions they will have. In case there are several companies, the user might have different user groups assigned for different companies.


The following roles can be assigned to users:

Role Description Access to Admin App
USER Default Role assigned to every user. This role provides access to FSM Apps. No
SUPERUSER Default Role assigned to the first user created per account as an administrator user. This user has the same privileges in the Admin portal as when logging in with account credentials and access to certain admin functionality in certain FSM Apps. Yes
EXTERNAL_USER Same privileges as USER, only for grouping purposes. No
EXTERNAL_SUPERUSER Intended for use as customer support. Can only be created by SAP Field Service Management support. Yes

Managing Users

Edit User Details

To edit the details or role of a user, complete the following steps:

1.) Select the link from the id to the user record you wish to edit:

2.) Select the Edit option and assign the desired user role:

3.) When all required changes have been made, select the Update option below.

Activate or Deactive Users

Note: Activation and deactivation of users in the admin is only supported with the new access model ignoring subscriptions. In case of the legacy access model with subscriptions users need to be managed in the store where licenses or subscriptions can be assigned to the users. See more information under Account.

To activate one or several users, complete the following steps:

1.) Select the checkbox in the list for one or several users wish to activate or deactivate:

2.) Select either the Activate option or the Deactivate option.

3.) The application will display the following message when the action was successful:

And if unsuccessful, the application will display the following message when there is an issue with license availability:

And the following message if all licenses are already in use:

Bulk Edit Users / Assign to User Groups

Note: When changing the user group of a user, there will be full sync triggered for the mobile apps to ensure the users can see only the data they have the permissions for. This has impact on the duration of the synchronization on mobile apps for the relevant field service users.

To assign user groups and change the access permissions for one or several users, complete the following steps:

1.) Select the checkbox in the list for one or several users wish to change the access permissions:

2.) Select Bulk Edit.

3.) Select the corresponding user group:

4.) After assigning users to user group, select the Update option.

5.) The application will then prompt you to confirm the changes.