Checklist Template DTO v16

This object represents a checklist template.

Field Name Type Category Constraint Reference Description
checklistCategory Identifier Optional ChecklistCategory : 8, 9, 10 The category which the template belongs to.
content byte Required
defaultLanguage String Required length >= 1 & length <= 128 The default language.
description String Optional length >= 1 & length <= 2147483647 Description of the checklist template.
name String Required length >= 1 & length <= 128 The name.
status ChecklistTemplateStatus Required Allowed values { ACTIVE, INACTIVE, DEVELOPMENT, TRANSLATION } The status of the checklist template. @See ChecklistTemplateStatus.
tag String Optional length >= 1 & length <= 128 The tag used to make a tag on a certain version of the template.
version int Required The version.

Checklist Status Description

Status Name Possible next Status within same template (incl. Version) Visible in List of Template in Knowledge Management Visible in the List of Templates when creating new Instance Available for Mobile to view and edit existing Instances Field Value “status” Field Value “inactive” Field Value “deleted”
Editing Translation, Released, Archived, Deleted x     DEVELOPMENT FALSE FALSE
Translation Released, Archived, Deleted x     TRANSLATION FALSE FALSE
Released Archived, Deleted x x x ACTIVE FALSE FALSE
Archived Deleted x   x INACTIVE FALSE FALSE