Checklist Template DTO v18

This object represents a checklist template.

Field Name Type Required Constraint Reference Description
checklistCategory Identifier Optional ChecklistCategory : 8, 9, 10 The category which the template belongs to.
content byte Required
defaultLanguage String Required length >= 1 & length <= 255 The default language.
description String Optional length >= 1 Description of the checklist template.
hazardType HazardType Optional Allowed values { DANGER, WARNING, CAUTION } Hazard property for signal words.
name String Required length >= 1 & length <= 255 The name.
status ChecklistTemplateStatus Required Allowed values { ACTIVE, INACTIVE, DEVELOPMENT, TRANSLATION } The status of the checklist template. @See ChecklistTemplateStatus.
tag String Optional length >= 1 & length <= 255 The tag used to make a tag on a certain version of the template.
tags Set<Identifier> Optional ChecklistTag : 8
version Integer Required