Expense DTO v12

This object represents expenses during travel like lunch, fuel, etc. Expenses are always assigned to a type which can be personal or per object or general.

Field Name Type Category Constraint Reference Description
chargeOption ChargeOption Optional Allowed values { CHARGEABLE, NONCHARGEABLE, UNKNOWN } Defines if this time effort can be charged to the customer or not.
code String Optional length >= 1 & length <= 512 System code of this object, normally this correlates to the erp id given by the source system.
date Date Optional Date of the expense.
externalAmount Monetary Optional External amount which is charged to the customer.
internalAmount Monetary Optional Internal amount which is paid to the employee.
object ObjectRef Optional Referenced object for this time effort. Typically referenced objects are BUSINESSPARTNER, SERVICECALL, TIMEPROJECT, SALESORDER, SALESQUOTATION, OPPORTUNITY.
remarks String Optional length >= 1 & length <= 2147483647 Remarks or notes of this activity, can be used for any string based content which contains necessary information.
type Identifier Optional ExpenseType : 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 Type of the expense. @See ExpenseType.