FAQ - Rating API


The Rating API is Microservice based API that is intended to be used to gather feedback from customers upon completing an activity.

Enable Rating API

In Admin > Company > Business Rules there is a sample business rule "SAMPLE - Start Technician Service Reviewon Checkout" that can be used to generate a report.

This business rule allows you to send a rating email to request feedback about an Activity (master Activity in case of group checkout) that was carried out.

The email will ask the customer to rate the service (thumbs up or down) and leave a comment about the service (optional). You can define if a report should be included as part of the rating email.

If selected, a generated report document (PDF, documented will be included in the rating email as an attachment.)

ATTENTION: The following company setting with be deprecated soon: CoreSystems.SendCustomerRatingEmail.If you have this setting enabled, you should disable it before enabling the rating business rule mentioned above.

You can edit the template defined in Admin > Messages > Email Templates > customer-experience-rating.


Where is the Rating Data Stored?

How can we query this? Data is stored in a Microservice database. It can be queried by calling this endpoint with a valid authentication token as demonstrated in the following Swagger Spec.

Do you have any dashboards or predefined reports in order to analyze the ratings received?

This is currently not available but planned as part of ongoing improvements to analytics and reporting.

Can You Choose to not Attach a Report to the Rating Email that is Sent to the Customer?

Yes. All these fields are configurable, you can choose to not send the report, or define the language of the report, what fields should be displayed in the report, the report template, etc.

The above image demonstrates the report format, enable/disable report, and report language.

The report template attached to the email can be defined by referencing areport already created. For more information on how to create a report please consult the following guide