Accept Crowd Assignment

In a Nutshell

The following topic describes what happens after an activity/service call has been assigned to a Crowd service partner.

Activities will be assigned directly by the Crowd owner on their Planning Board and will then be accepted by the Crowd technician.


The following outlines how Crowd technicians are notified of assignments, accept assignments, and complete activities in the mobile application.

Assignment Notification

Crowd technicians will receive a push notification when the Crowd owner has assigned an activity in the Planning Board.

By clicking on the push notification, the Crowd technician will then be able to accept or reject the assignment in the mobile applicaiton.

Accept Assignment

After an activity has been assigned to a Crowd technician, the activity will display in the mobile application:

The Crowd technician can now accept the assignment by clicking on the Accept button located below the + button.

Synchronize Changes

After accepting the Crowd assignment, the Crowd technician can now synchronize changes. This will ensure that the new status reflects in the Planning Board.

Begin Work

After synchronizing changes, the Crowd Technician can then begin working on the assignment by clicking on the activity in the timeline view:

Now, the Crowd technician will be able to go through the workflow steps associated with the activity:

Complete Work

Once the workflow steps have been completed, the Crowd technician can then close the activity and synchronize changes.

Note: Information regarding the entry of efforts and expenses are explained in the next topic.