Configure Single Tenant Crowd


This document outlines the steps required to configure Single Tenant Crowd.


In order to configure Single Tenant Crowd, you must ensure the following:

1. Your account has a Crowd license.
2. You have SUPERUSER rights in Admin.

Configure Single Tenant Crowd

Enable Single Crowd Type

The following steps outline how to enable Single Tenant for your company operating with Crowd.

1.) Log into Admin.

2.) Select the Company for which you wish to enable Single Tenant Crowd.

3.) Select the Edit option.

4.) In the Maintenance section, select Single Tenant Crowd from the Crowd Type dropdown:

5.) Select the Update button above the Maintenance section.

6.) In the Account details section, the account will now display the Crowd role in the Roles field:

Configure Crowd User Groups

The following steps are performed in the Admin:

1.) Navigate to Admin > Company > User Groups.

2.) Create a new user group for each of the following Crowd user groups, and upload the file for each respective new User Group:

User Group Name to Enter for User Group (Exact Match) File
Crowd Partner Admin Partner Admin
Crowd Partner Technician Partner Technician

Attention: Ensure that these User Groups use match those above, including case and spacing.

Please be noted that, every time you update your Partner Admin JSON file, you need to update your users that belong to the Partner Admin user group by selecting Partner Admin for them again so that those users work normally as usual.

Upload Single Tenant Crowd Business Rules

Next, you will need to upload a JSON file containing the business rules necessary to operate a Single Tenant Crowd. You can do so by completing the following:

1.) Navigate to Admin > Company > Business Rules.

2.) Select the Upload option from the Business Rules screen.

3.) Download the following JSON file, and select it to upload.

Note: This file contains nine business rules: CROWD_SINGLE_TENANT-001 - 009.

4.) When successful, the newly uploaded Crowd Single Tenant business rules will display in the Business Rules screen:

Configure Service Workflow

For the last step, you will need to configure a Service Workflow for the Single Tenant Crowd. You can do so by completing the following:

1.) Navigate to Admin > Company > Service Workflows.

2.) Select the default Service Workflow.

3.) Select the Edit option.

4.) Enter the following values for the Single Tenant Crowd service workflow:

  Workflow Step Name Next Step
1. new accept, reject
2. accept travel, work
3. travel work
4. work checkout
5. checkout close
6. close  
7. reject  

5.) When complete, select the Update option below.