Configure Single Tenant Crowd

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This document outlines the steps required to configure Single Tenant Crowd.

Please note: If you have enabled single tenant crowd company already, you need to do the following first so that the partner dispatching workflow works properly:

  1. Delete all previous crowd related business rules: from CROWD_SINGLE_TENANT-001 to CROWD_SINGLE_TENANT-007.
  2. Remove workflow step1: accept and step2: reject.

Configure Single Tenant Crowd


In order to configure Single Tenant Crowd, you must ensure the following:

1. Your account has a Crowd license.
2. You have SUPERUSER rights in Admin.

A Closer Look

Perform the following steps to enable single tenant for your company operating with Crowd:

  1. Log into Admin.

  2. Select the company for which you wish to enable Single Tenant Crowd and select Single Tenant for Crowd Type.

  3. Navigate to Company Settings and set CoreSystems.CoresystemsFSM.Crowd.enabled to FALSE.

  4. Download the following permission groups and upload to your account:

    User Group Name to Enter for User Group (Exact Match) File
    Crowd Partner Admin Partner Admin
    Crowd Partner Technician Partner Technician
    Crowd Owner Crowd Owner

    Attention: Ensure to name these user groups as mentioned above, including case and spacing.

  5. Upload the following business rules to your company.
    • Crowd Dispatching Action Business Rules
    • Crowd Email Notification Business Rules
  6. Set up required clients as described in How to create client:

    Attention: Please remember the secrets of both clients. The secrets are required in the example business rules.

  7. Open the rule CROWD_NOTIFY_PARTNER and add the Client Id and Client Secret that is assigned user group Crowd Owner as shown in the screen shot:

  8. Open the rule CROWD_EMAIL_PARTNERSHIP_TERMINATION_REQUEST and add the email of the crowd owner who wants to get informed via email if the partner applies termination of the partnership.

  9. Set up time duration for CoreSystems.CoresystemsFSM.Crowd.acceptanceTimeoutSeconds. The unit of this value is second. For example, when it’s set up as 86400 seconds, it means that the system will automatically unassign the activity from that partner and request the crowd dispatcher to replan if the partner doesn’t accept or reject the assignment within this duration (1 day).