The SAP FSM API is an easy, yet powerful mechanism which provides full access to the data stored on the coresuite Cloud. Data is represented in form of more than 100 domain objects. The API is based on RESTful approach for web services and uses JSON format for object representation.

The access to the data is restricted by authentication and authorization mechanism which ensures that the data can be accessed by authorized persons only. On top of that all communications between the API client and API server is encoded with SSL.

  • Introduction

    This section provides an overview of all sections contained in the API documentation.

  • Getting Started

    This section provides an overview of essential steps required to use the API.

  • Reference

    This section includes example requests.

  • Integration Guidelines

    This section includes real world use cases involving connectors.

  • OAuth 2.0 API

    This section details the Oauth 2.0 API..

  • Query API

    This section details how to write queries against the API.

  • Reporting API

    This section covers the Reporting API.

  • Data Model

    This section explores the Data Model and constituent Data Transfer Objects (DTOs) in detail.

  • User API

    This section covers the User API, which is independent from the Data API and Query API.


    A nodejs-based SDK that can be used to integrate with FSM.

  • Additional SDK resources

    Additional NodeJS SDK resources for FSM integration.

  • Error Codes

    This section covers all API error codes in detail.