SAP Field Service Management Shell Navigation

Shell - Micro Frontend Framework Navigation

Based on Shell - Micro Frontend Framework, the overall navigation structure can be viewed as shown in the following table:

Required Oauth-Client Required DTO UI Permissions
Planning and Dispatching Project Planner project-management PROJECT
Dispatching Board workforce-management
Service Map map2
Service Calls workforce-management SERVICECALL
Activities workforce-management ACTIVITY
Time and Material Journal time-material-journal TIMEEFFORT, MILEAGE, MATERIAL, EXPENSE
Crowd Workforce My Connections marketplace
Partner Invitation marketplace
Partner Technicians marketplace
Smartforms and Feedback Smartforms Templates knowledge-management
Instances [in preview] knowledge-management
Analytics and Reporting Dashboards reporting
Reports Preview Report reporting
Report Templates reporting
Offline Report Settings reporting COMPANYSETTINGS
Optimization Reports [in preview]
Queries Create Query reporting
Manage Queries reporting
Master Data Business Partner master-data-management BUSINESSPARTNER
Contacts master-data-management CONTACT
Service Contracts master-data-management SERVICECONTRACT
Equipment master-data-management EQUIPMENT
Tools master-data-management EQUIPMENT
Teams (?) [in preview] master-data-management TEAM
Items master-data-management ITEM
People master-data-management PERSON
Skills (?) [in preview] master-data-management TAG
Foundational Services Extension Apps (?) [in preview] extension-catalog
Screen Configuration admin SCREENCONFIGURATION
Settings and Configuration Administration admin
Advanced System Monitoring monitoring
Master Data Business Partner master-data-management
People master-data-management
Items master-data-management
Work Time Patterns master-data-management WORKTIMEPATTERN
Dataloader data-loader
Smartforms and Feedback knowledge-management
Crowd Workforce Partner Registration marketplace
Partner Portal marketplace
Crowd Workforce marketplace
Planning and Dispatching General Settings workforce-management COMPANYSETTINGS
Time Slot Types workforce-management COMPANYSETTINGS
Map workforce-management
Planning Scenarios workforce-management PLANNINGSCENARIO
Bank Holiday Management workforce-management
Tools workforce-management EQUIPMENT, TOOLASSIGNMENT
Service Call workforce-management
Activity (?) [in preview] workforce-management COMPANYSETTINGS
Time - Effort Type time-material-journal COMPANYSETTINGS
Time - Expense Type time-material-journal COMPANYSETTINGS
Translations admin