Creating Your First Smartform


Second Lesson

So you just created and released your first release call! Congratulations!

Let's head on over to the Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback app now and have a look at the designer and template management features.


Why Smartforms?

Smartform templates allow you to standardize service and ensure that the best practices and processes are being used for every scenario.

In this lesson, you will learn the following:

How to create a smartform using the Smartform Designer feature.
How to release a smartform template.
How to view the smartform template on the mobile app.

The idea behind this lesson is showing how templates created and managed in the Smarforms & Intelligent Feedback app can then be used and accessed by employees in the mobile app.


1   |   Log in

The credentials you received with your trial account are valid for all SAP Field Service Management apps.

  1. Navigate to the Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback app.
    Note: the above example uses the German (DE) server cluster. You will be automatically redirected to your assigned cluster.
  2. Select the Login with User option from the dropdown.
  3. Enter the account and user credentials you received in your email along with the new password you created in the first lesson:

  4. When you have entered your credentials, click Sign in.
Account Log-in

2   |   Create Smartform

Welcome to the Smarforms & Intelligent Feedback app!

What you are looking at now is the Template Management screen, used to manage smartform templates.

Now, let's go ahead and create a new smartform template by completing the following:

  1. Select the "add" icon + button and select the Create new template option:

  2. The application will now display a dialogue for you enter some basic information. Go ahead and give the smartform template a name, description, and select a category from the dropdown.

  3. When complete, click Create.
  4. Now you are in the Designer screen, where the real fun begins.

  5. Go ahead and drag and drop as many elements as you would like into the designer. For bonus points, you can give names to these smartform elements!

  6. When you're finished dragging, dropping, ordering and re-ordering the smartform elements. Click on the Status/Version dropdown. Here you will see two statuses: Translation and Released.

  7. Select the Released status. The new status will reflect below the Status/Version field:

  8. Now you can navigate back to the Smartform Template view from the previous screen, where your new smartform template will be visible:

Congratulations on creating your very first smartform template in SAP Field Service Management! Now let's take a look at it in the mobile app.

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3   |   View on Mobile App

Now let's take a look at what you put together in the Smarforms & Intelligent Feedback app:

  1. Log into the mobile app using the same credentials you used in the last lesson.

  2. Go ahead and select the Sync option.

  3. The company data will then be downloaded, including the new smartform you just created.

  4. Next, you will navigate to the Checklists tab in the menu.

  5. Click the + option below choose:

  6. Look familiar? That's your smartform! Go ahead and select it below:

  7. Now you will need to select an "object". Go ahead and select Activity.

  8. Remember the activity we created in the last lesson? Well, let's go ahead and select it here.

  9. Now go ahead and select Save above.

  10. You can now go ahead and take a look at the smartform you created!

    Note: for a better idea of what a fully-functioning checklist looks like, take a look at one of the sample templates included in your demo account.
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Taking it In

Congratulations on creating and activating your very first smartform template in SAP Field Service Management!

With the Smartforms and Feedback app, you can acheive new levels of customer delight and operational excellence.

Before we move onto the next lesson, let's take a look at what we covered in this lesson:

How to create a smartform using the Designer feature.
How to activate a smartform template.
How to view the smartform template on the mobile app.
How to link the smartform to another object.
Quick Review

Next Steps

If you're ready for the next step, let's head back to the Planning & Disptaching app and see how skills can be used match technicians to service calls!

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