Creating and Releasing Your First Service Call


First Lesson

So you've signed up for a Field Service account, and you might now be asking yourself...

Now what?

Well, in this lesson you'll learn the following:

How to sign in to Admin portal with your Field Service account.
How to create a demo company for your Field Service account.
How to login to the Planning & Dispatching app.
How to create and assign a service call.
How to release a service call.
How to view the service call in the mobile application.
Account Created

1   |   Log in

After receving an email, you will be able to login to the Admin portal. The email you received will contain the following details:

  • URL for the SAP Field Service Admin portal
  • Cloud Account Name
  • Cloud User Name
  • Cloud User Password (separate email)

This information will be used to log-in to all Field Service applications, so keep it somewhere handy.

You can then log into SAP Field Service by completing the following:

  1. Navigate to Admin
  2. Note: The above example uses the German (DE) cluster. You can either select the URL contained in your email or click on the above link, as you will automatically be redirected to your relevant cluster.
  3. Select the Sign in with user option in the dropdown menu below.

    The login screen will then display the following fields:
    Field Description
    Account The name of the account.
    User The name of the user associated with the account.
    Password The initial password included in the email received from SAP Field Service.
  4. Enter the credentials you received in the email. Please note that you will be prompted to change your initial password:

  5. Click the Change it displayed in the highlighted message below.
  6. Once your new password is set, you will be redicted back to the initial login screen where you can enter your account, user, and new password.
  7. And with that, you're finally in!
Account Log-in

2   |   Create Company

Before we settle into the Planning & Dispatching app, where you will be spending most of your time when you create and manage service calls, we must first create a company for your account.

Note: In this quick start guide we show how to create a demo company to get started quickly with some predefined sample master and transactional data. For systems integrated with SAP ECC or SAP Business One, the company is created after installing and configuring the corresponding connector. See the SAP Software Center for available connector installation files to download (Login with valid S-User is required).

To create a company, let's do the following:

  1. From the Admin portal, select the Companies option from the menu on the left:

  2. Click the Create option:

  3. The application will then display the following:

    Field Description
    Name The database name of the company. In our example, we’ve used Quick_Start_Demo_GmbH.
    Description The description of the company. This field will display in the Planning & Dispatching app.
    Industry The industry associated with the company.
    Time zone The time zone in which the company operates.
    Type Options include Standalone and Demo.
    • A standalone company refers to a SAP Field Service company that is a standalone system or integrated with SAP S4/Hana or C4C via Cloud Integration Platform (CPI). It is also used when integrating with other third party systems.
      ATTENTION:Do NOT create a company if the system is integrated SAP ECC or Business One in the background. In this case, the company will be created by the corresponding connector directly.
    • .
    • A demo company contains sample master and transactional data to get you started quickly for demos and learning about SAP Field Service.
    Create Person for Every User When enabled, this feature will automatically create a person record for every user associated with your account.

    Note: For systems that are connected to an ERP, the company is created by the connector after installing and configuring the connector on the backend system. The connector can be downloaded from the following SAP source.
  4. Select Demo for Type and let's enable the Create Person for Every User option. That way we will be able to release the service call to ourselves.
  5. When you've finished entering all required information, click the Save button below.

  6. The company record can now be viewed in the Companies screen.

And there you have it! You've created a comapny for your account. Now we can take a look at the Planning & Dispatching app!

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3   |   Create and Release Service Call

  1. Navigate to the Workforce Management app.
    Note: the link above uses the German (DE) cluster. You will be automatically redirected to your relevant cluster.
  2. As you can see, the Planning & Dispatching application has a few components. Let's go over them really quickly.
    • First we have the Planning Board, which displays the technician schedules over the next 7 days.

    • Next we have the Service Call List, where there are already several service calls waiting to be planned and released.

    • If you click on one of the Service Calls, you'll notice that you can view additional details on the right-hand side of the screen.

    • And finally, we have the navigation menu to the left, where you can view other screens and features related to the Planning & Dispatching app.

  3. For now, click on one of the service calls from the Service Call List below, and drag and drop it on to the technician with your name on the Planning Board.

  4. You might notice that a dialog is displayed showing missing skills. We'll cover skills in another lesson. For now, select the Plan Anyway option.

  5. If you click on the service call on the Planning Board, you'll notice that a new button is displayed: Release Assignments:

  6. Click on the Release Assignment/s button.
  7. The application will then display the following message when the assignments have been successfully released:

Now the service call assignment can be viewed in the Mobile Application!

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4   |   Download Mobile App

Select the app below that you plan on using:


    To Download the Field Service Mobile app for Android, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the Google Play store and search using “SAP Field Service”.
  2. Click the “Install” button.
  3. When completed, enter the account details created when signing up for your trial account.

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To Download the Field Service Mobile app for iOS, complete the following:

  1. Navigate to the Apple iTunes App store and search using “SAP Field Service”.
  2. Click the “Install” button.
  3. When completed, enter the account details created when signing up for your trial account.

  4. Read more

Windows Mobile

To Download the Field Service Mobile Windows Mobile client, you need to receive the application executable file from SAP FSM support. This can be done by contacting SAP FSM Support.

Please note that you must have a SAP account to do so.

Field Service Mobile

5   |   View on Mobile App

After downloading the mobile application, you will now be ready to view the activity. To do so, let's complete the following:

  1. In the login screen, enter the same account, user, and password credentials you entered to access the Admin portal and Planning & Dispatching app:

  2. After logging in, you will see the company you created in the first step.

  3. Click on the company. The application will display a dialogue stating that the company data has never been synchronized.
  4. Select the Sync option. The company data will then be downloaded.

  5. Next, click on the menu. You will see notifications beside the Activities tab:

  6. Next, you will see a calendar view, with indicators on dates where activities are scheduled.

  7. When you click on the activity, you will then see the information from the Service Call.

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Taking it In

Congratulations on creating, releasing, and viewing your very first service call in SAP Field Service. We feel strongly that there will be many more service calls to come.

Before we move onto the next lesson, let's take a look at what we covered in this lesson:

We covered how to log-in with your demo account credentials
How to create a company in the Admin portal
How to plan a service call by dragging and dropping it onto a technician's schedule.
How to release a service call assigned to a technician.
And, finally, how to view the activity in the mobile application.
Quick Review

Next Steps

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