SAP Analytics Cloud Integration

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In addition to embedded charts, it is possible to integrate your SAP Analytics Cloud Stories with SAP Field Service Management Analytics and Reporting.


The following prerequisites are required in order to successfuly integrate with SAP Analytics Cloud:

  • The company setting CoreSystems.FeatureFlag.AR.SAC.Enabled must be set to TRUE.
  • The Story is available in your own SAP Analytics Cloud tenant.
  • An iFrame is enabled as shown in the following images:
    • Navigate to Admin:

  • In the App Integrations tab, enable the All Origins option:

  • In your Chrome Browser Settings for cookies, the following should be allowed as highlighted in the screenshot:


Please note the current restrictions:

IdP inside Iframe

If BOC is running in an iframe then when the redirects to the identity provider it is also in the iframe.

This requires that whatever the IdP displays has clickjacking protection disabled.

This can mean the following:

  • The IdP displays no UI because the user can be logged on entirely non-interactively (occurs freqently) and the IdP doesn’t protect the redirects from clickjacking.
  • The IdP displays the UI (for example: in order to prompt for a RSA SecurID code).

Running the IdP UI inside the iframe also requires third party cookies enabled for the IdP domain.

SSO Enabling

SAC already supports custom SAML-based SSO, allowing a customer to configure their SAC tenant to use a custom IdP (whether that is the customer’s own tenant on SAP Identity Authentication Service, or the customer’s other, third-party SAML IdP).

If your application supports the same, then SSO should already be possible, by configuring both your application and SAC to use the same SAML IdP.

More information on SSO and SAP Analytics Cloud can be found here.

How to Add Your Story to FSM Analytics and Reporting

1.) Create new Dashboard

2.) Change Type to SAP Analytics Cloud Story

3.) Enter your values for Domain, Tenant and Story ID

  • https:// __ /sap/fpa/ui/tenants/ __ /bo/story/ __

Available SAP Analytics Cloud Stories

You can find downloadable Stories in the following content library:

SAP Analytics

Performance Dashboard

This content provides an overview of your Field Service Performance and shows relevant key performance indicators which can help improve processes. See, what your customer satisfaction is, how you performed in First Time Fix and what Time and Material your technicians booked.

Capacity Overview

This content provides an overview of your Field Service Capacity. It compares your available hours of capacity based on WorkTimePatterns to the already available jobs.

Also, you can distinguish between internal and external Workforce as well as which jobs have not yet been assigned to anyone.

Configuration of Default Stories

After downloading the Story from Analytics Cloud content, the connection SAPFSM has to be set for your company.

OData Connection

FSM Data is copied to SAP Analytics Cloud through an OData connector.

The OData connector authenticates using OAuth 2.0 client credentials:


Data Service URL https://{cluster}{account}/{company}/api/v2


Header Description
OAuth Client ID Your client ID
Secret Your secret
{cluster} Your assigned server cluster (example: de, eu, us, cn).
{account} Your account
{company} Your company

SAP Coresystems Field Service Management OAUTH 2.0 Endpoint

OAuth 2.0 credentials can be obtained from the following endpoint. For more information, please refer to the following guide

Note: this request can only be made to the eu cluster.

Method URL