Template Management

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The following document outlines the actions available in the Smartforms and Feedback app.


Create New Template

You can easily create a new template from scratch by selecting the Add New Template option from the main screen. 

When creating a new template, you will be prompted to enter the following information:

Attention: Please note that the following characters aren’t supported in Template name, Description or Revision fields: & " \ / $ # ' > <

Field Description
Template Name Required. The name of the template
Language The template language.
Category The category associated with the smartform. This can then be used as a filter. New categories can be created by selecting the ADD CATEGORY option.
Revision The template revision sequence. A revision can be used to further distinguish a template.
Description The template description. This will display in the Template Designer when create/editing smartform templates.

Copy Template

It is often necessary to create a copy of an existing template in order to add new add additional steps or elements for a specific scenario. With the Copy feature, you can quickly make a copy, and then open the copy in the Designer to make the necessary changes. 

Change Template Status

You can quickly and easily change the template status by selecting the desired status icon from top row.

When a template status is changed to released, the application will display the following options:

Option Description Impact
Deactivate Other Versions Deactives other versions of the smartform template. By selecting this option, all previous versions of the smartform template will be deactivated and changed to Archived status.
Delete Other Versions Deletes other versions of the smartform template. By selecting this option, all other versions of the smartform template will be deleted and no longer diplsayed in the Template Library.
Do Nothing with Other Versions Release current template without changing other version statuses. By selecting this option, the current smartform template version will be changed to Released status and be active and available for use in Workforce Management app and in the mobile application, and all other versions of the smartform template will remain unchanged.

Generate XML File for Translation

With this translation export feature, you can generate an XML file containing all of the element information.

The XML file can then be submitted to an agency for translation. 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--This file should contain translations for the Dansk language. The <originalValue> tag contains the text that needs to be translated. To translate this file into the Dansk language, please place the translation for each <originalValue> inside its corresponding <value> tag.-->
<translation templateVersion="5" templateId="ED22B5BC5E174AD2AA465ABA6BFA210A" to="en" from="da">
<string key="chapter_1.name">
<originalValue>Chapter name</originalValue>
<value>Chapter name</value>

Import Translations

Note: refer to the following topic for more information on template translation management.

When the translations are ready, they can then be imported. The template will now be available in multiple languages.

Translated smartform templates can then be previewed by selecting the Preview translations option:

And by selecting the language you wish to preview from the dropdown:

Preview Report

smartform template reports can be previewed by selecting the Preview Report option from the action menu in the Designer mode:

The application will then generate a previewable report in the Preview Report screen:

Smartform Report Parameters

The following Parameters can be applied to smartform reports:

Setting Description
Show Internal Elements By selecting, the report will display the name of the elements in the position in which they occur in the smartform template.
Show Empty Elements By selecting, the report will display empty elements.
Show Indexes By selecting, the numbering schema will display in the report (example: 3.1 Visual Inspection).
Show Table of Contents By Selecting, the report will include a table of contents based on the chapter, sub-chapter, and element ordering at the beginning of the smartform report.