Service Contracts

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In a Nutshell

The Service Contracts tab is used to create and manage service contracts associated with a given Business Partner. Service contracts can be either recurring or non-recurring.

Enabling Service Contracts

The visible checkbox on the Service Contract business object advanced permissions must be enabled in order to view, create, update, and/or delete service contract records.

A Closer Look

Field Reference

Field Description
General Info
Code Required. The unique code associaed with the service contract. This value may be communicated from an ERP or entered manually.
Status Dropdown. Options include active (the service contract is currently still in use) and inactive (the service contract is no longer in use, but retained for record-keeping purposes).
Name Required. The name of the service contract. This name will display in the Service Contracts tab.
Type Dropdown. Options include: Maintenance and Warranty.
Start Date Required. The date on which the service contract went into effect.
Completeion Date The completion date of the service contract.
Termination Date If non-recurring, the final date of the service contract.
Business Partner
Business Partner Required. The business partner associated with the service contract.
Contact The contact associated with the business partner.
Recurrence Start Date Date picker. Select the day of the month for which the recurrence billing period begins.
Recurrence End Date Date picker. Selct the day of the month for which the recurrence billing period ends.
Frequency Options include: daily, weekly, monthly, annualy.
Service Level Agreement Info
Response Time The time in hours:minutes:seconds to respond to the business partner, such as in responding to an issue or request.
Resolution Time The time in hours:minutes:seconds to resolve the issue or request.
Serial Number The serial number associated with the equipment in the service contract.
Service Start The beginning date and time of the equipment service.
Service End The end date and time of the equipment service.
Decommissioned If applicable, indicates that the equipment has been decomissioned and is no longer in use.
Chargeable Items
Related Service Calls
Service Call If there are service call/s related to the service contract, they will display here. By clicking on the service call record, the application will redirect to the Service Call view. Applicable service contracts are selected when creating a service call in the Workforce Management app.
Effort Indicates that time effort is included in the service contract.
Material Indicates that material (such as replacement parts, etc) is included in the service contract.
Expense Indicates that expenses are included in the service contract.
Mileage included Indicates that mileage used in course of a service response or issue is included in the service contract.
Remarks 3000 character limit. Any additional remarks associated with the service contract.


When associating an equipment record with a service contract, the application will display the following for equipment with a master data record:

Note: Service contracts with multiple equipment records can use different rates of recurrance for each equipment record.

Field Reference
Name Required. Search field. The name of the equipment. When entering a name, the application will filter through existing equipment records.
Serial Number The equipment serial number.
Manufacturer Serial Number If applicable, the serial number provided by the manufacturer for the equipment.
Service Start The beginning date of the service. The values are taken from the Service Contract start date, but a new start date can be selected.
Service End If a date other than the service contract start date is selected for the equipment, a service end date must be selecte.
Maintenance Plan Indicator. When active, the Frequency field will be displayed.
Frequency Required if Maintenance Plan is active. Options include: daily, weekly, monthly, annualy.


Linking Service Calls to a Contract

When a service contract is marked as Recurring, service calls will automatically be generated based on the stated frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

These can then be planned accordingly from the Planning Board of the Planning & Dispatching app.

Configure Service Call Creation for Recurring Contracts

Note: You must have ADMIN privileges to enable the following setting.

Using the ServiceContracs.NumOfDays setting located in Admin > Company > Settings you can determine how many days in advance of the recurrance rate you would like a service call to automatically be created.

Please note that the default value is 3.