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ATTENTION: The Teams module of the Master Data Management application is currently in PREVIEW mode and will be released to production at a later date.


In the Teams tab of the Master Data Management application, the following actions can be performed:

  • Teams can be created
  • An optional project can be assigned to the team.
  • A shift can be assigned to the team (shifts are created and managed at Admin > Company > Shifts)
  • Team members can be added to or removed from a team
  • A team member can be designated as the team leader
  • A given team can be deactivated (when deactivated, the team will no longer display in the Planning and Dispatching and mobile applications)

Available Actions

Creating New Team

When creating a new team, the application will display the following:

Field Description
Name Required. The name of the team. This name must be unique.
Project If applicable, the Project Planner-based project associated with the team.
Shift If applicable, the shift associated with the team. Shifts are created and managed at Admin > Company > Shifts. If a shift is applied, the team can only be assigned to activities that align with the selected shift.

Adding Team Members

After creating a new team, you can then add team members by selecting the Add Team Members option.

In the following dialog, you will then be prompted to select all team members you wish to assign to the team.

Note: By default, the first team member you select will be marked as the Team Lead.

Changing Team Lead

The team lead of the team can be changed by checking the box belonging to the team leader. The application will then display the Unassign Team Lead option. By selecting this option, the team lead assignment will be removed from the team member.

You can then assign a different team member the team lead position by selecting the box beside their name and selecting the Assign Team Lead option.

Deactivating Team

An active team can be deactivated by clicking on the action menu in the top-right pane (⋮) and selecting Deactivate.

When deactivated, the team will still display in the team list of values on the left. If necessary, it can be reactivated again.

Edit Team Details

Team details (name, project assignment, and shift assignment) can be edited by clicking on the action menu in the top-right pane (⋮) and selecting the Edit Header option.