Activity List Configuration

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It is now possible to configure three fields on the activity list, to display content that is activity on the Activity Object. The three fields displayed in figure 1 can be confirmed via screen configuration to display content accessible through the Activity DTO.

Figure 1 : Activity list item without any configuration applied.

For example, via screen configuration it is possible to replace the Business Partner field displayed in Figure 1 section 2, with another field From the Activity DTO, such as the equipment on the activity (


From Admin > Company > Screen Configuration you enable the “ActivityList-[screenconfigurator]" and select the 3 fields you would like to display.

Figure 2 : Default fields displayed on the activity list.

Which Fields are Supported?

  • Basic fields (strings, numbers, dates) which are directly on the Activity DTO (activity.code, activity.remarks, activity.startDateTime, etc)

  • Basic fields which are on an object which is linked to the Activity DTO (

Example fields

  • activity.code
  • activity.startDateTime
  • activity.durationInMinutes

Note: When configuring these fields, please consider the available space. Setting the subject field to position 3 where the code is normally displayed, would lead to the subject being truncated.

Activity DTO v26

dto ActivityDTO_V26: SyncObjectDTO_V10 {
    optional ActivityTemplate: guid activityTemplate
    optional Address: guid address
    optional BusinessPartner: guid businessPartner
    optional BusinessProcessStepAssignmentEmbeddedDTO_V26[] businessProcessStepAssignments
    optional string changelog
    optional readonly boolean checkedOut
    optional readonly string code
    optional Contact: guid contact
    optional dateTime dueDateTime
    optional integer durationInMinutes
    optional dateTime earliestStartDateTime
    optional dateTime endDateTime
    optional Equipment: guid equipment
    optional readonly string executionStage
    optional string hazardType
    optional boolean milestone
    optional string number
    optional objectref object
    optional boolean personal
    optional Activity: guid[] predecessorActivities
    optional Activity: guid previousActivity
    optional Project: guid project
    optional integer projectOrdinal
    optional ProjectPhase: guid projectPhase
    optional string remarks
    optional dateTime reminderDateTime
    optional Person: guid[] responsibles
    optional ServiceWorkflow: guid serviceWorkflow
    optional Shift: guid shift
    optional Activity: guid sourceActivity
    optional dateTime startDateTime
    optional string status
    optional ActivitySubType: guid subType
    optional string subject
    optional Team: guid team
    optional string timeZoneId
    optional ActivityTopic: guid topic
    optional readonly integer travelTimeFromInMinutes
    optional readonly integer travelTimeToInMinutes
    optional string type

Are Other Lists Configurable?

Currently only the Activity list is configurable, other lists are being considered.