Attachment Size


The following outlines the default maximum size for individual attachments in SAP Field Service Management how the default maximum can be adjusted in the Company Settings screen of the Admin Portal.

Default Maximum

The default maximum for an attachment is 1MB. This is done in order to ensure optimal performance in caching and data synchronization.

Adjusting Attachment Maximum


The company setting that regulates max attachment size is the CompanySettings.MaxAttachmentSize setting.

This option is used to define the maximum attachment size per company and can be adjusted to facilitate the upload of attachments larger than the default 1MB.

Valid Values:

  • an integer number representing a file size in binary (Example: 1048576 = 1 MB; 10485760 = 10 MB).

The maximum size for an attachment can be adjusted by completed the following:

1.) Navigate to Admin > Companies

2.) Select the company for which you wish to adjust the maximum attachment size:

3.) Select the Company Settings option from the left navigation sidebar:

4.) In the Company Settings screen, search for maxAttachmentSize

5.) Select the CompanySettings.MaxAttachmentSize setting.

6.) Select the Edit option:

7.) Enter a value in binary (example: 10485760 = 10 MB), and click the Update option

8.) The new maximum attachment size will now be reflected in the application.