Hand Over / Take It

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Hand Over/Take it

The Hand Over/Take it function allows technicians to “hand over” assignments that they have accepted to another technician, and for technicians to “take” or accept the assignments that have been handed over to them by other technicians.

The “handover/take it” functionality is available from the function menu in the Activities screen. When a technician selects the handover option, they can then select and assign the activity to another technician.



The following permissions must be applied to a user group in order to the Handover/Take it functionality to be available for activities and service assignments:

Business Object Required CRUD Permission Impact
Employee READ When Visible on mobile is enabled, you will be able to view other technicians to whom you can handover the assignment.
Service Assignment UPDATE When Edit on Mobile is enabled, you will be able to handover the service assignment to another technician.
Activity UPDATE When Update Activityis enabled, you will be to update the activity in the mobile application and handover the activity to another technician/take the activity from another technician.

Conditions for Hand Over / Take It

The following conditions must be present in order for the handover/take it option to be available:

1. Activity not in status closed (see exception in point 5 below).
2. Activity not in status inactive.
3. UPDATE permissions on the activity (one of the following conditions must be met):

  • Permissions for UPDATE with value ALL on activities

    Or current user is responsible for the current activity (each activity has a list of responsibles and the current user is part of this list) and has UPDATE permissions with value OWN.

  • The current user is the creator of the activity and has permissions for UPDATE with value OWN.
4. The related service call is not status closed.
5. Activity is closed but not synched. In this state, it can still be reassigned.
6. If the activity is of type assignment, the UI permission UIPermissionValueEDIT_ON_MOBILE should be enabled for the Service Assignment object.

Attention: If the activity is of type assignment and has status checked out it cannot be reassigned .

When the conditions are fulfilled, the handover / take it functionality will appear in the action menu of the service assignment or activity.