Integrated Checkout

In a Nutshell

The Integrated Checkout Feature allows you to create a more intuitive checkout experience for the mobile application.


In order for the integrated checkout feature to be displayed in the mobile application, the following configuration steps must be completed.

Enable Company Setting

Attention In order to complete this step, you must have ADMIN rights for the Admin app.
  1. Navigate to Admin > Company > Select your Company > Settings and select the CoreSystems.Assignment.IsWorkflowDriven setting.

  2. In the Value field, set the setting to TRUE. By setting to TRUE the mobile application will display new buttons for navigating to next workflow steps in the bottom of the activity details screen.

Enable Permissions

Next, you will need to ensure that the user group that will be using the Integrated Checkout feature have the necessary permissions to use it. These permissions are managed in the User Groups screen in the Admin app.

The following business objects need both READ and UPDATE permissions:

  • Activity
  • ServiceAssignment
  • ServiceAssignmentStatus

And the following business object needs READ permissions set to [ALL]:

  • ServiceAssignmentStatusDefinition
  • ServiceWorkflow

The type of checkout workflow that is assigned to a specific field user is determined by the UI permissions for ServiceCheckout:

Standard Checkout

Setting Checked / Unchecked

Group Checkout

Setting Checked / Unchecked

Finish Work (as part of group checkout)

Setting Checked / Unchecked

Configure Service Workflow

As the last step, you will need to add the “Checkout” workflow step as the next step. This is done by navigating to Admin > Companies > Service Workflow. You can then select the default workflow and select the Edit option.

Next, you need to select closed as the step which follows checkout. This is done to ensure that the activity is always closed after completing a checkout.

A completed service workflow configuration will then appear as follows:

After Saving, the Integrated Checkout feature will now be ready to use.

Configure Checkout Workflow Step

Optionally you can configure specific settings for the checkout, e.g. if the checkout should be performed with or without report and/or signature.

This is done by navigating to Admin > Companies > Service Workflow, selecting the default workflow , and then clicking the pencil icon next to the checkout step to edit the option.

In the settings of the checkout step you can expand and configure the following Checkout Settings:

Setting Impact
Preview Report (ON / OFF) If enabled, a pdf report will be generated and displayed to the technician as an overview what service was performed. If disabled the pdf report will not be generated during the checkout process.
Report Template If the preview report is enabled, it is possible to select which report template will be available to select from in the service checkout.

Attention: This option is only available for iOS.
Ask for Customer Signature (ON/OFF) If enabled, the field user needs to capture the customer’s signature during the checkout process.

Note: In case field users work most of the time offline during the checkout process, it is possible to switch of the preview report and still capture the customer’s signature based on the information displayed offline in the application. If required, the PDF report can be generated later on by the field user or also via automation with business rules.

Checkout Process

The field user can start the checkout process using the CHECKOUT button at the bottom of the activity screen if the following conditions are met:

  • The activity status is OPEN and CheckedOut: true.

If the activity status is CLOSED and CheckedOut: true, it means that it has already been checked out.

Depending on the type of checkout process, different screens are displayed to the field user. These different process types are described below: Standard Checkout, Group Checkout or Finish Work (as part of the Group Checkout)

Note: The type of checkout workflow is determined by the ServiceCheckout permission settings in the user group assigned to the user. See details above.

Standard Checkout

The Standard Checkout process is used for single activity service calls where each activity needs to be confirmed and signed off by the customer or in case now sign off is required on site.

1.) In the standard checkout process the application wil display an overview of the recorded information:

2.) Depending on the configuration of the checkout workflow step, the field user can continue the checkout with PREVIEW REPORT, SIGN or FINISH button.

3.) In case the preview report is activated you are advised to synchronize data to ensure all recordings are synchronized to the cloud and will be displayed in the online report.

4.) The application will then display the activity report containing all information recorded for the completed work:

5.) The customer can now review the details in the report and sign off by clicking the CLICK TO SIGN HERE button.

6.) The customer then has to sign and provide their name and, optionally, an email address:

7.) By saving the customer’s signature, the checkout will be completed.

8.) An overview is displayed for the techician to conform that the work was signed off.

Group Checkout

The Group Checkout process is used in case there are several activities required for one specific service call. The group checkout is then usually performed by a supervisor or leader on site and may include related activities that were previously finished by other field users.

1.) In the group checkout process the application will display the details about all activities linked to the same service call:

2.) The field user can then select the activities that are ready for checkout and continue the checkout the same way as the standard checkout process.

3.) The report that is generated and signed by the customer will contain details aggregated from all completed activities that were included in the Group Checkout.

Finish Work

The Finish Work process is used in combination with the group checkout. The field users executing the service simply confirm when the work is finished. The supervisor or leader on site will then include those activities in the group checkout to retrieve the sign off from the customer.

1.) In the finish work process the application will display the information that the work was completed.

2.) The field user can then confirm that the work has been completed.