Push Notifications

Attention: SAP Field Service Management documentation is now available at the SAP Help Portal. On 31 December 2020, docs.coresystems will no longer be available. Until that time, documentation will NOT be updated in docs.coresystems.

Attention: Android push notifications will not work in China, as it relies on Googles Firebase which is not available there.

In A Nutshell

Note: Currently, push notifications only works for two devices at a time.

Technicians in the field can now receive push notifications on their device when:

1. A new activity has been assigned (and released) to a technician or to a team of which the technician is a member.
2. An activity is handed over to another technician (the technician who receives the activity is notified).
3. An activity that was assigned to a technician or to a team the technician is a member of was cancelled.
4. An effort or expense has been rejected, declined, or a change has been requested (EMME).

Opening a push notification will trigger a sync and redirect the user to the relevant activity.


Company Settings

To turn on push notifications the following company settings must be enabled:



Custom Push Notifications via Business Rule

Attention: If using a custom push notification for activity update events. Please disable the CoreSystems.CoresystemsFSM.Mobile.PushNotifications.ActivityChanges.Enabled setting. Otherwise duplicate notifications will be sent.

Using a business rule, you can define a set of push notifications to be sent to the technician’s device based on events in the cloud.

The Sample business rule SAMPLE - (Mobile) Push Notification for technician(s) when Activity notes were changed, will trigger a push notification whenever the Notes field is updated by a dispatcher in the Planning & Dispatching app, informing the technician that there has been an update to the assigned activity.

The content of the push notification–title and body–are fully customizable and support localiazations when the language code is entered for the languages you would like to support. The mobile device, upon registering for push notifications ( during the login phase), will inform the Push API about the devices language ( e.g DE - German language device).

Figure 1: Setting up the trigger for the push notification.

Figure 2: Supported languages. More languages can be supported here by adding the language code, title, and body of the push notification.