Workflow Steps (Mobile)

Attention: SAP Field Service Management documentation is now available at the SAP Help Portal. On 31 December 2020, docs.coresystems will no longer be available. Until that time, documentation will NOT be updated in docs.coresystems.


Workflow steps have been enhanced with new screen types to further enrich the guided experience for the field service technician. While previously, Workflow Steps offered static content and effort recording, the new screen types present more contextual information relevant to the task in progress.

Supported Clients

Currently screen types are supported by the Android and iOS application; with the exception of the summary screen, which is only supported by the Android application. Development work is ongoing to bring these screen types to the windows application.

Client Travel Screen Work Items Screen Summary Screen Smartform
Android X X X X
iOS X X   X
Windows X X   X

Workflow Screens

Travel Screen

Displays a map with the address of the business partner linked to the activity. It offers a quick way to view the target destination and the time spent in the current workflow step is presented at the top of the screen.

Figure: Travel screen in iOS app.

Work Items

Displays the work items that are open on the activity. Currently Checklists and reserved Material are displayed on this screen. Current workflow step is also presented at the top of the screen.

Figure: Work Items screen in iOS app.

Summary Screen (Android only)

Attention: It is not possible to have any steps except CLOSE after the summary screen.

Presents items that are captured on the activity, such as effort, material, millage. It presents a holistic view of what work has been carried out on an activity or group of activities and can be presented to the customer to capture their signature. A cloud side business rule can be used to generate a PDF report and attach it to the activity when the device is back online.

Note: Work is ongoing to introduce HTML-based reports that will work offline and across all the three platforms. The target release date for this feature is Q1/Q2 2020.


Allows a Smartform template to be set as a workflow step. This offers screen combines the contextual relevance of the workflows steps and the flexible nature of the Smartform and creates a range of possibilities for how these two functions can be used. For example, an organisation that wants to ensure their fields service engineers carry our a health and safety check before commencing work, can add a health related checklist as a workflows step , ensuring its filled out before work commences.

How to Configure Screens

To associate a screen type with a workflow step, the screen type field must be set on the workflow step . This can be done on the Service Workflow Screem in the Admin console.