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In a Nutshell

The Effort module is used to create and manage Effort records. An Effort record is essentially a time log associated with one of the following objects:

  • Business Partner
  • Time Project
  • Activity
  • Service Call
  • Opportunity
  • Sales Order
  • Quotation
  • Production Order

A Closer Look

When an object has been selected, users will then be prompted to select a Business Partner, and Responsible Person (technician/employee).


The following permissions and settings impact the Efforts module:

Setting Type Description
CoreSystems.TimeManagement.RoundToMinutes Company Setting This setting is used to round up the Start Date and End Date values (example: 5 minutes). When this is configured, the Start Date will round down by the specified number of minutes, while the End Date will round up by the same specified interval.
Round Time Effort to Next 15 Mins UI Permission When set to TRUE the duration will automatically round up to the nearest 15-minute interval. When the Round Time Effort to Next 15 Mins permission setting is set to TRUE, it will take precedence over any configured company settings.
CoreSystems.OverlapingTimeValidationType Company Setting This setting is used to determine whether time efforts can overlap one another. If true, technicians can enter time effort entries that overlap.
CoreSystems.TimeIntervalsOverlapingSecond Company Setting This setting enables technicians to adjust the overlapping interval in seconds. For this company setting, you will input an integer in seconds (example: 600 = 10 minutes).

Screen Reference

Users can then add the following information to the Effort record:

Field Description
Start Date The beginning date and time of the Service Call effort.
End Date The ending date and time of the Service Call effort.
Break If applicable, the total time spent on break during the course of the Service Call effort.
Work Time The Total time (Start Time to End Time) minus the Break.
Duration The Total time (Start Time to End Time).

If there is an Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) operating in the backend, the Effort record will be submitted for review and display in the Approvals module.