Attention: SAP Field Service Management documentation is now available at the SAP Help Portal. On 31 December 2020, docs.coresystems will no longer be available. Until that time, documentation will NOT be updated in docs.coresystems.

In a Nutshell

The Employees module contains a list of all employees associated with the account.

All activities will have a “Responsible” section that lists the employee information associated with it. This information comes from the Employee module.

When an employee record is selected, users can see the following information:

Field Description
Status The current status of the employee.
Last Available Status The last log-in or application activity of the employee.
Last Name The last name of the employee.
First Name The first name of the employee.
User-Defined Fields The User-Defined Fields section are additional filters that can be associated with an employee. When these filters are used in the Workforce Management module, employees will be filtered accordingly.
Skills The skills associated with the Employees. Skills are managed from the Workforce Management module.
Territory The territory in which an employee is assigned or works in.
Attention: For the iOS app there is a configuration called Show conflicts where UDF values are null in Mobile app but not null in Cloud. By default the configuration is not active and will not allow visibility of all null data conflicts for UDFs (empty value of UDFs only on mobile side) that occur when syncing mobile app data to the Cloud, and direct Field Service mobile users to the conflict screen. By activating it, UDFs that have a null value on the Field Service mobile platform and not an empty value on Cloud will be displayed as conflicts.

How do I use it?

The Employee records are created and managed in the Enterprise Resource Planner (such as SAP Business One), or using the FSM Master Data Management module.