Items & Stock

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In a Nutshell

The Items & Stock module is used to view and manage item and stock records for users operating an Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) system in the background.

The Items & Stock module includes the following tabs to view and manage records:

View Description
All This view diplays all available item records.
Favorites This view displays all items designated as favorites. To add an item to the Favorites tab, select the record, and then select the “Add to Favorites” option.
In Stock This view displays all items that are in stock and available for use.
Item Groups This view displays items based on predefined item categories.

An Item record includes the following information:

Field Description
Code The item code.
Name The item name.
Group If applicable, the group to which the item has been assigned. This assignment will determine it’s location in the Item Groups view.
Vendor The vendor of the item. By selecting, the application will open the Business Partner record.
Price List Any/all price lists associated with the item. Examples include: normal price, reduced price, wholesale price, etc.
Stock Informaton Displays current stock information by warehouse, including: the amount Currently Available, the amount Available, the amount In stock, the amount committed to other activities and service calls, and the amount included in a pending Order.
Sales Item Yes or No. Indicates that the item can be included in sales orders.
Serial Number Item Yes or no. Indicates that the item is managed by serial number.
Purchase Item Yes or no. Indicates that the item is a purchase item.
Inventory Item Yes or no. Indicates that the item is maintained in quantity as part of an inventory.