Field Service Mobile for Windows

Attention: SAP Field Service Management documentation is now available at the SAP Help Portal. On 31 December 2020, docs.coresystems will no longer be available. Until that time, documentation will NOT be updated in docs.coresystems.

Attention Please refer to the following guide if upgrading from the Coresystems app to the new SAP Field Service Management app.

In a Nutshell

The Field Service Mobile Windows Client allows users to have the same functionality available on the iOS and Android apps from a Windows-based laptop.


For a closer look at Windows Mobile-based functionality:

Module Name Description  
Alerts This module is used for schedule management. Technicians can view scheduled appointments and view alerts and reminders with job details. Go
Checklist This module is used to view, select, and use checklists assigned to a specific job. Technicians can select a template, and then associate it with an object such as a Service Call, Sales Order, Activity, etc. Go
Business Partners This module is used to view and manage Business Partner details. Technicians can manually enter Business Partner information, or import from their contacts. Go
Activities The Activities module provides a log of all activities performed on the account, from service calls, to checkouts, etc. Go
Opportunities The Opportunities module is used to record and manage business opportunities. Go
Service Calls The Service Call module is used to view and manage assigned service calls. Users can view Service Calls in list or calendar view, select service call records, view details, and add details such activity, assignment, checklist, effort, expense, material, mileage, signature, etc. Go
Items & Stock This module is used to view Items & Stock information. Users can quickly see which items are in stock and their count. Go
Equipment This module is used to create and manage equipment records. These equipment records are used in the Activity, Checklist, and Service Call modules. Go
Sales Orders The Sales Order module is used to view, manage, and create sales orders. Users can view sales orders by status or create new sales orders. Sales Order records can be associated with Activity, Checklist, Effort, Expense, Material, Mileage, and Signature. Go
Quotations Quotations are sales order or service call estimates. The Quotation module is used to view quotation status, and create quotations for sales orders or service calls. Quotations can also be associated with the same records as a Sales Order. Go
Efforts The Effort module is used to enter effort information associated with a Service Call, such as the Service Call, the Business Partner, whether or not the expense is chargeable, the Responsible technician, and the working time. Following the submission of the Effort record, this information will be synchronized with the database and used for billing purposes. Go
Work Time The Work Time module is used to record working time. Go
Approvals The Approvals module is used to view pending and process approvals. Go
Employees The Employees module is used to view employee status, such as availability and time of last status update. Go
Expenses & Materials The Expense & Materials module is used to manage and create Expense records. Users can select the object to with which they want to associate the expense (such as a Business Partner or a Service Call), and the type of expense, the expense amount and currency, and whether or not the expense is chargeable. Go
Reports The Reports module is used to view pre-configured dashboard reports. These reports are created and managed using the Cloud Reporting module. Go