Creating and Managing Projects

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In a Nutshell

The Project Planner app is used to view and manage projects and project phases using an interactive “Gantt Chart”-like view in order to optimize activity sequencing and time and resource allocation.

With the Project Planner app, you can organize projects into phases and sub-phases, create corresponding activities, and even release the activities to the Planning Board located in the Planning & Dispatching to be assigned to a technician.

In this topic, you will learn how to create and manage projects from start to finish.

Visual Glossary

The following is an overview of the actions you will be regularly making in the Project Planner app, such as linking, unlinking, releasing for dispatch, and replanning:


Linking activities is done on the dynamic planning board by hovering over the activity and extending the arrow to one or more other activities. This is done in order to ensure that the activities are executed in sequence.

For example, if the end of Activity 1 is linked to the beginning of Activity 2, then Activity 2 (the successor) cannot begin until Activity 1 (the predecessor) has been completed.


Activities still in planning can, if necessary, also be unlinked. This is done by clicking on the more buttton and selecting one of the following choices:

Option Description
Unlink By selecting this option, you will unlink the activity from the selected activity.
Unlink from All By seleting this option, you will unlink the activity from all activities that it is connected to, both before and after.

Release for Dispatching

The Release for Dispatcing option is used to release the activity to the planning module in order to plan and release it to a technician.

The Project Management module is part of the Planning & Dispatching application.

When this option is selected, it will lock the activity, meaning that the date/time cannot be adjusted unless the Replan option is selected from the more button.


Activites that have been released for dispatching can still be adjusted if necessary if they have NOT yet been assigned to a technician and released for dispatching on the planning module.

Activites can be replanned by selecting the Replan option from the button beside the activity.

Project Management Lifecycle

1. Create New Project
The first step is to create or import a project. Projects can be imported using the Data Loader.
2. Create Phases/Subphases
After you have created a project, you can then decompose it into phases and subphases.
3. Create Activities
After you have defined your project phases and subphases, you can then create the activities that correspond to them or occur within them.
4. Release Activites for Dispatching
When activities are ready to be dispatched to Technicians, they can be released to the Planning board.
5. Assign Activites to Technicians
In the planning module, the activities can be dragged and dropped onto the planning board, or you can use the Find Matching Technician feature to find the technician with the best matching skills.

1. Create New Project

The first step is to create or import a new project (for more details on importing projects, refer to the topic on Importing Projects.

2. Create Phases/Subphases

After the project has been created, you can now create and define the project phases and subphases by completing the following:

3. Create Activities

After setting up the project phases and sub-phases, you can then begin creating activities for them (this can also be completed at the same time you are creating and defining phases and sub-phases).

To create activities complete the following:

4. Release Activities for Dispatching

When activities are ready to be released for dispatching, complete the following steps:

5. Assign Activities to Technicians

Next, you will assign the activity to a technician. This can be done one of two ways.

Option 1: Find Best Matching Technician

Option 2: Manually Assign Activity

Alternatively, acitivites can also be manually assigned and released by completing the following: