Team Management


For organisations working with the Project Planner, it is now possible to create teams on the mobile application and manage these project-based teams in the field.

Attention: While teams created in Planning and Dispatching are visible in the mobile applications, it is NOT possible to manage these teams in the mobile application. This is due to the fact that teams created in Planning and Dispatching have more complex timeframe lookups that have to be checked online (for example: work timeframes). For project teams, this timeframe is the length of the project.



View Teams on Activity

The following permissions must be configured to view a team on an activity record on mobile:

DTO Permission
TeamTimeFrameDTO READ
ProjectMemberTimeFrame READ

Create or Update Teams

The following permissions must be configured to create or update teams on mobile:

Note: UPDATE permissions will enable a user to update an existing team. CREATE permissions will enable a user to create a new team.

DTO Permission
TeamTimeFrameDTO READ
ProjectMemberTimeFrame Requires permissions to be set to ALL.

UI Permissions

The following UI permission makes the team moduble visible to the mobile user.

UI Permission Value
TeamDTO Visible

Company Settings

In order to use the team management functionality on mobile, the following company setting must be enabled:

Company Setting Value
CoreSystems.CoresystemsFSM.Team.AllowOverbooking True

Creating Teams

Team Conditions

The following conditions must be met in order for a team to be visible in the mobile application:

  Condition Required
1. In order for a project member to be visible on mobile, they must first be added to the project pool in project management. Required
2. A team must have a team leader defined. This is done during the creation of the team. Required
3. A team can be linked to a shift type. (See Shifts below for more information.) Optional

Note: It is possible for a user to be a member of N different teams.


Please note the following regarding shifts:

  • Shifts are created in Admin, are visible in the Project Planner and can be added to a project.
  • Shifts can be linked to activities, to make it easier to activities based on a shift type e.g Day or night shift.
  • Shifts can also be linked to a team so you can create a team with a defined shift e.g Team Alpha covers Day shift.
  • Filtering by Shift and Team from the activity list, makes it possible to quickly manage activities and assign them to the right team.

Team Management Module

When the aforementioned permissions, company settings, and conditions have been fulfilled, the Team Management Module will appear in the mobile application:

Create New Team

Once the Teams tab/Team Management Module is visible in the mobile app, you will then be able to create a new team by selecting the New Team option from the action menu:

Adding New Team Members

Based on your permissions, you will also be able to add new members to the team after selecting Next in the Create New Team dialog:

When you have completed adding team members, select the Done option below.

Assigning Team to Activity

A team can then be assigned to activity by navigating to the activity and selecting a team from the Team dropdown:

Once the team has been assigned to the activity, it will now display in the activity: