Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback (QSG)

In a Nutshell

The Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback app is a dynamic checklist designer and management tool used to create documentation and guidelines for service execution. It provides a robust, flexible design interface in which designers can assemble smartforms to suit any scenario, and an intuitive library management interface with which to manage templates.

Why do I use it?

Smartforms provide a script for service execution. With the Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback app, you can ensure that your employees have the right script for the right scenario. The Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback app is built for efficiency. You can copy templates to make adjustments for a new scenario, re-utilize elements created in other smartforms in new smartforms, and quickly change status of smartforms so that you and your employees are using the most up-to-date smartforms available. 

A Closer Look

Smartform Template Manager

As the template resource base continues to grow, it will become more important to have the tools necessary to manage them. This is where the template management interface becomes so useful. With it, users can quickly search and filter templates, select templates for editing, make copies of existing templates, and even import templates from another source.

Best of all, Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback supports tabbing, so users can quickly toggle between templates.

Smartform Designer

Built using HTML5 for speed and performance, Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback allows users to create and manage forms using an intuitive drag-and-drop tool. Users can select and order the following element types to create smartforms that optimize service performance, improve measurability, and increase customer delight:

Each form can consist of any combination of elements. And users can select elements created in other forms for use in new templates. For example, if you created a table or drop-down menu specific to a product or process, you can select and apply this element in a different form, allowing you to change and iterate as needed. Additionally, each element has “advanced settings” in which users can select whether the element is read-only, internal, or requires another visibility condition.

After completing a new smartform template, users have the option to export for translation before marking as Active and making available for use.

Smartform Designer Tabs

You can quickly toggle between smartforms by selecting the smartform from the top pane (similar to an internet browser). This allows you to move seamlessly between checklist records without navigating back to the Smartform Template Management screen.

Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback Settings

The Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback app incldues three configurations to change the information displayed in the Smartform Designer interface.

The Smartforms and Feedback app incldues four configurations to change the information displayed in the Smartform Designer interface.

Configuration Description
Show Element IDs By selecting this configuration, the application will display the element ID (example: unique_chapter_1).
Enable Advanced Tools When enabled, the Smarforms and Feedback app will display a Export raw xmls option in the action menu.
Enable Report View Feature This feature enables you to view and design template reports by selecting smartform elements and laying them over available fields. Mobile users would then be able to enter/complete smartforms using the same PDF Report View, making for an intutive smartform experience.
Always increment clipboard element IDs with default naming When it is selected the numerical ID of an element in increased when dragging the element from the clipboard to the template, e.g. if there is a number element on the clipboard with id "numberinput3" the id on the smartform will be automatically changed to "numberinput4".

Additionally, this helps you when you have a specific element stored in the clipboard that you want to use in different templates and want to make sure the ID remains uniqure.

How Do I Use It?

Create New Template

You can easily create a new template from scratch by selecting the Add New Template option from the main screen. 

Copy Template

It is often necessary to create a copy of an existing template in order to add new add additional steps or elements for a specific scenario. With the Copy feature, you can quickly make a copy, and then open the copy in the Checklist Designer to make the necessary changes. 

Drag and Drop Elements

One of the most powerful features is the drag and drop Checklist Designer. With it, you can quickly add all of the elements you need and then adjust as needed until you’ve found the optimal sequence. 

Generate Element XML File for Translation

With this translation export feature, you can generate an XML file containing all of the element information.

The XML file can then be submitted to an agency for translation. 

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<!--This file should contain translations for the Dansk language. The <originalValue> tag contains the text that needs to be translated. To translate this file into the Dansk language, please place the translation for each <originalValue> inside its corresponding <value> tag.-->
<translation templateVersion="5" templateId="ED22B5BC5E174AD2AA465ABA6BFA210A" to="en" from="da">
<string key="">
<originalValue>Chapter name</originalValue>
<value>Chapter name</value>

Import Translations

When the translations are ready, they can be imported. The Template will now be available in multiple languages.

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