Planning & Dispatching (QSG)

In a Nutshell

Planning & Dispatching is where it all comes together.

Here, you can quickly assign service calls the right response using intuitive, skills-based filters for personnel, pulling equipment and business partner information from the Cloud, assigning checklists created in the Knowledge Management portal, and then dragging and dropping the service call into the optimal location on the dynamic Planning Board.

When the service call is assigned and released, an SMS will be sent out to the technician. From there, the story continues into the Field Mobile Service module, where technicians will follow the smartform you created in the Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback module and complete the assignment.

A Closer Look

The Planning & Dispatching module has the following benefits:

  • Improved User Experience: through the application of the latest UI innovations, we redesigned the face of the Scheduler. The result is a more intuitive and appealing Scheduler.
  • Enhanced Scheduler: improved visualization of the schedule (e.g. different views like full view or only relevant working days).
  • Skills Management: Better manage your workforce by assigning your technician specific and user-defined skills & attributes and search for technicians with the necessary skills to complete a job. Our software will further automatically propose the most appropriate technicians for a given service call.
  • Resource Calendar: In order to better manage the absences of your workforce, we introduced a Calendar where you get a quick overview of the availability of your technicians.
  • Project Management: You manage assignments within your service calls like a project? With SAP Field Service Software, you can define dependencies between assignments. If a reschedule is needed, our software will recognize dependencies.
  • Auto Schedule: For a faster and more reliable schedule, our software will automatically provide you a schedule based on priority, skills or availability of your workforce.
  • Communication: A simple yet effective way to notify your workforce through an SMS-based communication.


In order to optimize service call responses, Planning & Dispatching operates using filters to ensure that each service call receives the optimal response.

Skills Management

Key to the Planning & Dispatching module is the Skills Management feature. Here, administrators can assign skills to personnel which will operate as a filter when associated with a service call. 

When a Service Call is created, planners can select a predefined skill from the Skills drop-down, and this will automatically filter the possible technicians. 

How do I use it?

Service Call

Managing service calls is the primary purpose of the Planning & Dispatching module. Using information uploaded in the Master Data Management module, you can create and release new service calls, and create and manage filters to optimize service response. 

Create Service Call

Release Service Call


Skills are a defining filter for every business. With the Skills Management tool, you can create new skills and associate them with employees. When a Service Call is created and a skill is selected, this will filter the available employees.

Add Skill

Assign Skill to Technician

Working Time

The Dynamic Planning Board can be adjusted to reflect hours of operation.

Set/Adjust Planning Horizon

Time & Material Journal

With the Time & Material Journal you can view and validate time, effort, equipment, and mileage information entered by employees. When approved, this information will then be communicated to the ERP system in the backend.

Next Step: Smartforms & Intelligent Feedback