This Quick Start Guide is designed for users new to Coresystems Field Service Management, and covers the basic steps required to get started, with an overview of the key features and functionality that drives it.

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First Things First

  • 1 Try It

    This section covers the steps required to create a trial account.

2 Take your Pick

The Field Service Mobile app is available for the following platforms:




A Closer Look

  • 3 Master Data Management

    This section covers the Master Data Management feature, used to manage object data, including customer and equipment data.

  • 4 Workforce Management

    This section covers the Workforce Management feature, which is used to plan and assign service calls.

  • 5 Knowledge Management

    This section covers the Knowledge Management feature, which is used to create and manage checklists.

  • 6 System Monitoring

    This section covers the System Monitoring feature, which is used to monitor and manage cloud connections between the Coresystem Cloud and ERPs.

  • 7 Administration

    This section covers the Admin module, which is used for application administration, including managing companies, business rules and notifications, and SMS billing.

  • 8 Analytics & Reporting

    This section covers the Analytics & Reporting module, which is used to manage and create dashboard reports.

9 Putting it All Together

See a Service Call from Beginning to End

  • The Story of the Service Call

    See the Service Call Lifecycle
    in Coresystems Field Service Management

  • Creating and Releasing Your First Service Call

    See how Workforce Management is used to create and release service calls to the mobile application

  • First Checklist

    See how the Knowledge Management app is used to create checklists that can then be used for service calls and activities

  • Udemy Coursel

    Take the Udemy Coresystems: Field Service Management course