What's New in this Release?

Coresystems Now

The following new features are available in Coresystems Now as part of the “Aletschhorn” release:

Restrictions of Moments in Service-Bot

With this release, you will be able to protect your Moment using a login dialog in order to access sensitive data (e.g. equipment details, warranty, etc.) or to utilize a specific Moment (e.g. Service Request, etc.).

Auto Release of Service Jobs

With this version, it’s now possible to auto-release planned assignments while avoiding the middleman.

Several UX improvements

We included several adjustments to provide a better user experience. Here are the most important:


  • Back button and a more recognizable save button in every dialog.
  • Sticky submit button in summary dialog.

Self Service Portal:

  • Include Back button and make steps clickable for faster navigation through dialog.
  • Proving initial search results and an improved explanation of input values.

Additional actions in Moment-Sets available

It is now possible deactivate and translate Moments. With drag and drog, you can now change the sort order of Moments.

Workforce Management

The following new features are available in Workforce Management as part of the “Aletschhorn” release:

New Equipment filter on Service Call List

It is now possible to filter equipment on the service call list by Equipment Name, Equipment Serial Number and Manufacturer Serial Number. This allows to quickly filter all service calls linked to the same equipment:

Enhance Customer filter on Service Call List

Many companies have different customers registered with the same name, but they refer to a different entity, making it difficult to distinguish them when filtering. The customer number is now displayed next to the customer name, and it is now possible to search by customer number.

Show attachments on Service Call Detail Page

This feature reflects a modification of application behavior.

Attachments added in the ERP system can now be displayed and downloaded from the Service Call detail page.

Attention*: ensure that your connector supports this functionality.

Project Management

The following new features are available in Project Management as part of the “Aletschhorn” release:

Enahnced Team Permission

The team permission has been enhanced as follow:

  • Read permission: user can see the Team card. If no permission is given, the team card is not shown
  • Edit permission: user can see the Team card and can use the functionality to “Remove” a team member
  • Create and Edit: user can see the “+” button to add members to a team and the “Remove” functionality to delete a team member
  • Delete permission is not considered as team cannot be deleted


The new version of the map is currently accessible via the following link and the preview environment in order to collect feedback.

The following new features are available in the Map as part of the “Aletschhorn” release:

Enhanced Filter by Activity Subject

It’s now possible to search in the map by the subject of an activity:

User Settings Stored in Application

When switching to other applications to the map and back or refreshing the map page, all user settings (filters, date range, visible items) are maintained.

Display Entry Details when Selecting Item from List

When multiple items are aggregated they are then displayed on a list. It is now possible to click on a single item in such a list to quickly access the details related to the selected object.

Knowledge Management

The following new features are available in Knowledge Management as part of the “Aletschhorn” release:

Focus on validation of correct user input and usability

With this release we set a high focus on validation of correct user input and usability. One main issue we had with display and usage of the component used for the autocomplete to enter values in visibility conditions or calculations. We now used a new component that can be used more smoothly and provides more options for us to improve it further. One change that comes with this component is that one has to type # character in order to see the list of available values to enter.

Besides the new component for auto-complete we also added a lot of validation in the background to prevent that users can enter invalid data which might lead to checklist templates that might not be fully functional. Furthermore we added hints and information whereever we saw it will help the user to create checklist templates without having to read the manual or ask a friend.

Tracability of the person who created the new version of a checklist template

In certain industries it is important to be able to trace back to the person that created a new version of a specific checklist template. In the past we defined that the create person of a template was always the person who created the very first version for this template. With this release we adjusted this process the set the person who created the new version as creator that way we allow to trace back who created this specific version.

Keep all checklist template properties when exporting and importing a template to another company

When working in different environments for auditing or testing it is important to be able to export and import a checklist template from one company to another. Since we did not store all meta information like template name and description in the export file we generated a generic name for the imported template. In this new version we now export all relevant checklist template meta information so that the template can later be imported in another environment keeping the same settings.

Analytics & Reporting

The following new features are available in Analytics & Reporting as part of the “Aletschhorn” release:

Create and Display Multiple Dashboards

It is now possible to create multiple dashboards and each may contain different charts or widgets as we call it. This release is the first part of the refreshment of our dashboard monitor in the Analytics & Reporting App. The most asked for feature to create and display different dashboards is now available, further udpates are planned with more features–such as sharing of dashboard, among others–in future releases.

Android & iOS

New Login Screen for Technicians

Our mobile app is designed to make the work easier for service technicians so we updated the login screen with a more fresh look!

New Effort Creation Screens

We’ve updated the effort creation screen to make it easier to enter effort for an activity.

Improvements Working with Workflow Steps

With the upcoming release we are happy to announce that we’ve focused again on on improving the work with workflow steps. It is not possible to see the history of all workflow steps on a certain activity. Furthermore you can define for each workflow step a text as acceptance criteria which will be displayed to the technician before doing the next step. This feature allows on the one side to display important health and security information before performing a certain work and on the other side it allows the technician to cancel the action in case they clicked the step by accident. This setting is configurable in the service workflow in the admin portal.


Over the past few months, we have refocused our efforts to update the Windows Application, with the objective of closing the gaps that existed between the Windows App and the Mobile Clients. This Windows Client release will contain the following:

Updated Design

Updated Material Design

Updated Efforts Creation Screen with Material Design

Update Checklist View with Material Design

General Changelog

General Changelog

Prior Releases

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