What's New in this Release?

SAP Service Cloud - Field Service Management “1905” Release

Highlights and User Impact

Increase Safety in Field Service Our new Safety checklist element allows you to add ISO-7010-based safety labels to your smartforms, helping communicate workplace conditions and hazards to technicians.

API and Integration Extended integration capabilities with the introduction of a new Bulk API for bulk updates, Streaming API for notification via Web Hooks, and enhanced Service API

The following new features were included as part of the SAP Service Cloud – Field Service Management “1905” release:

General (Web Apps)

Support Custom Translations

Are words like “Service Call” and “Activities” misleading for your company and business case? Would you would prefer to use the your own terminology, for example “Service Order” or “Operation”? You can now view all the translation keys contained in the web applications and add your custom, company-specific translations using the Translations feature in the Admin application.

Customer Self-Service (Now)

Rescheduling of Service Appointment

Starting with this release, customers can reschedule unreleased service appointments themselves–without needing to call a hotline or wait for opening hours.

Workforce Management

Filter by “Workflow step” on Activity list

You can now filter the Activity List using the workflow step. For example, if you wanted to have an overview of all currently scheduled activities that have been rejected by the technician, you could apply the Workflow Step filter with “reject” selected. You would then be able to quickly replan these activities.

Allow to Copy Text from Planning List and Activity List

Copying text between different systems is now easy thanks to the Copy function available on Planning List and Activity List.

Simply right-click on the Planning List or use CTRL+C on the Activity List to select and copy the text to the clipboard.

Smartforms & Feedback

Safety Label Smartform Element

Our new Safety checklist element allows you to add ISO-7010-based safety labels to your smartforms, helping communicate workplace conditions and hazards to technicians.

Category Management

We’ve made it a lot easier for you to manage your smartform categories. Creating a new category can be done by using the plus button located at the bottom-right. Additionally, you can also quickly edit or delete smarform categories as needed.

Service Map

Search for a Technician or a Location on Service Map

With the search functionality available in the Service Map, you can now see where your technicians are located (Technician search) as well as which technician is closest to a given location (Location search) to further improve planning activities.

Simply use the dropdown to switch between “Location search” and “Technician search” as needed.


Partner Invitation Improvement

To ensure that the service partner provides a professional service to the end-customer, the crowd owner can now differentiate each partner’s abilities by using skills, which are then matched to the end-customer requirements.

Partner Management Improvement

The crowd owner can now review a partner’s skills on demand. For example, if the service partner adds an additional certification, the crowd owner can add a new skill to the partner so that they are eligible to be assigned corresponding jobs. Additionally, if the partner’s certification has expired, the crowd owner can easily remove the skill from the partner and they will no longer be assigned jobs with the requirement.

Crowd Platform Email Branding

The crowd owner can now customize different types of emails the crow partner receives in order to improve coordination and communication. Customizable emails include: partner invitation email, partner sign-up email, job assignment email, service rating email, among others.

Crowd Platform Sign-up Branding

The Crowd Platform Sign-Up view can now be customized with the crowd owner branding.

Analytics & Reporting

Embed Analytics Cloud Stories

The stories created in SAP Analytics Cloud with the data exported through the OData Service can now be embedded within the Analytics and Reporting app. for viewing, that you do not have to switch between different applications.


Bulk API

Would you like to upload large amount of objects but you find the Data API unsuitable for mass uploads and the Batch API complex to use? With the Bulk API, you now have a simple API that rests on top of the Data API and allows you to upload tables of objects with a single HTTP call.

Service API v2.0

Are you integrating with SAP Field Service Management and want to create a Service Call via an API? The Service API now supports the creation of a Service Call with multiple activities and multiple reserved materials. Reserved materials can be created for either a service call or an activity.


iOS / Android / Windows

Safety labels on Smart forms

You can now add ISO-7010 based safety labels in Smart forms which will then be displayed to your fields service workers in smartforms.


View Equipment History

View past assignments carried out on an equipment, providing field service technicians a better overview of an equipment’s history.

Create Service Assignment

Your service technicians can now use the Windows client to create a service assignment on the go.

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