What's New in this Release?

SAP Service Cloud - Field Service Management “1911” Release

Scheduled Release Date: 25 October 2019

Highlights and User Impact

Standard Onboarding for Your Partners

A standard onboarding mechanism is now available so that you can start onboarding your partner and quickly build your crowd-based service economy.

Time Zone Support in Planning

With this release we’ve enhanced our planning functionalities to aid your dispatchers in planning accurately and reliably across different time zones.

Manage Your Field Service Team Members from the Palm of Your Hand

With this release, we’ve introduced in our mobile app an easy way to manage your technician’s team members, helping to cope with organizational changes happening in the scope of a more complex field service execution project.

The following new features were included as part of the SAP Service Cloud – Field Service Management “1911” release:

Platform and Admin

Export and Import of Company Configuration

Influence ID: 230889,227059

To help with setting up and maintaining a company configuration throughout multiple companies, we now provide a single screen to export and import your company settings, workflow steps etc.

Advanced Logging Solution

To analyze changes in the system and track the history of an object, we now provide a new screen for audit logs showing old / new value for all changes occurring in the FSM application.

Direct Access to Personal Data Changelog

For easier access to your personal data history, it is now possible to access the Data Subjects object changes directly from the Data Cockpit.

Customer Self-Service

Enhancement of Open URL Moment

Starting with this version, the Open URL Moment supports dynamic links by introducing parameters based on Equipment data. This functionality brings much more flexibility by offering dynamic use cases (for example: by opening a link to a web shop and display spare parts or accessories for an equipment record).

Revised Request List in Self-Service Portal

In this version, a new list with latest updated requests will replace the old lists. With this change, the end user will be able to view the latest updates and changes.

Redesign of Open Request Details

With this release, a new Detail View for open requests in the Service Assistant has been introduced. This view will improve user experience significantly by having a clearer separation of the information contained in a service request.

Planning and Dispatching

Planning Board Customization

Request ID: 233379

It is now possible to define which information are the most important for you to see on the Planning Board for a given activity. This is accomplished by defining a title/subtitle via screen configuration, which will then display on all activities on the Planning Board accordingly (Request ID: 233379)

A screenconfiguration called CSPlannerAssignment has been introduced, allowing users to define two fields to be displayed respectively on the first and second lines of an activity on the Planning Board. In case of calculated fields, the information can be saved on new fields named internal remarks and internal remarks 2 on the activity.


Save Filters on Activity List

Request ID: 232209

You can now save filters and view and reuse previously-created views to quickly filter the Activity List.


Display Customer Names on Lists when Grouping by Service Call is Active

Request ID: 236011

To give a better visibility on grouped activities, the grouping now exposes the customer name.

Screen configuration - Support fields “serviceCall.externalId” and “ServiceCall.orderReference” on Service Call

Request ID: 234394

When integrating different systems, it is important to be able to quickly and easily refer to the id of the record used by the external system. Admins can now expose ExternalId and OrderReference fields on the Service Call screen to facilitate this.

Grouping of Activities on Planning Board by Custom Criteria

Request ID: 233636

Prior to this release, grouping was possible only for activities belonging to the same service call. It is now possible to group activities as you wish.

Usability improvement: Dynamic Show Title of the Activity when Changing the Planning Board Zoom Level

Request ID: 235275

With this release, the subject of an activity will always be visible, regardless of how long the activity is. This change also applies for activities created prior to this version (1911).

Time Zone Support

Request ID: 226767

With this release, we have introduced new functionality to help planners plan activities in multiple time zones.

When an activity is created in a time zone different than the planner’s time zone, the information is displayed in an info box on the activity and/or reservation.

It is possible to filter activities by time zone on the planning list.

It is possible to display a second timeframe on the planning board up to a bi-weekly view so that one can easily see the equivalent time in a different time zone.


Project Planner

Shift Management

With this release, users can now define shifts on a project (e.g. day, evening, night) and assign activities to different shifts. This ensures that the Leader on Site can assign activities to technicians according to their shift.


Smartforms and Feedback

Barcode Input for Text Element

Influence ID: 226509

With this release, smartform authors now have the possibility to enable barcode inputs for text elements, which can trigger a barcode scanner in the mobile FSM apps.

Service Map

Best Matching Technician

With this release, it is now possible to find the best matching technician for a given activity from the Service Map, using different criteria such as nearest or quickest.


New Partner Onboarding Template

We’ve introduced a new onboarding approach to help crowd owners quickly onboard their service partners. This new approach provides flexibility to meet different crowd owner needs. Crowd owners can choose to use our standard template with minor customization available through the branding feature, or they can take the standard template as reference and develop their own onboarding page using our standard Partner Onboarding API.

Only one click to get partner onboarding template and share with partner.

One step for partner onboarding in service crowd.

The crowd owner can brand the template with a logo and a crowd description.

Crowd Member Management

Crowd Member Management helps crowd owners to manage all of their partner company data to ensure each partner is qualified to provide service to the end customer.

The crowd owner can review all onboarded partner information in Crowd Member Management.

The crowd owner can verify each partner’s company profile.

The crowd owner can review each partner’s technician and skill.

The crowd owner can check each partner’s documents (such as terms of service, certifications, etc.)

Automated Planning & Planning Optimization

Autoscheduler Service

A new version of the autoscheduler service has been released. Custom plugins with which customers can define all of the parameters relevant for scheduling and optimization to address their specific use cases are now supported. These plugins can be used for automated planning. Customers can have multiple plugins per company, and a plugin can then be selected and applied for an optimization use case.

To trigger the optimization process, customers can configure internal business rules. Optimization can as well be triggered externally (for example: by isomg a Kyma function). For that, a public interface has been provided for the autoscheduler service.

Additionally, partitioning is now supported. Thus optimization process can be triggered using service location or service area. With 1911, partitioning is based on skills.


FSM Connector

In order to better debug various issues with your FSM Connector-based integration, we have implemented an extended logging mechanism and improved error logging. More detailed logging can be quickly enabled or disabled in Admin. The FSM Connector will also support UDFs, requirements, and attachment metadata retrieval.

C4C Integration

We are still aiming to close all the gaps in our already powerful out-of-the-box C4C-FSM integration. Starting from this release, we will support synchronization of UDFs values, requirements/skills (both master data replication and assignments to objects), retrieval of a checkout PDF and stock replication (FSM warehouses).

Note: The integration will be available on production environments in the second half of November.

S/4Hana Cloud Service Integration

We also continue to improve our integration with S/4Hana Cloud. In the 1911 version we will support fix price service orders and service bundles.


SAP CRM Integration

For our legacy SAP CRM 7.0 customers who are using Service Requests, Service Orders and Service Confirmations to track their Customer Service and Field Service requirements, we have implemented SAP Field Service Management integration.

The Integration covers transactional data and master data; bidirectional sync of service call, activity, reserved material; unidirectional flow of used materials, time effort, mileages; unidirectional (to FSM) sync of equipment, business partners, contacts, addresses, employees, and items. Once the Service Confirmation is created in SAP CRM, it can then trigger the billing document creation in SAP CRM, thus continuing your business without any interruption.

If you are using SAP CRM Service Manager mobile app, your transition to SAP FSM Mobile app will be smooth and the data will still be maintained in both SAP CRM as well as SAP FSM.

Service API v2

Over last few months the Service API has seen some major improvements:

  • Now you will be able to retrieve and set User Define Fields (UDFs) on a Service Call, an Activity and a Reserved Material.
  • We also support retrieval of Attachment metadata which will allow you to retrieve a specific attachment.
  • Support for Requirements on a Service Call and on an Activity level are especially important for our auto scheduling scenarios.


iOS / Android

Smartform as Workflow Step (iOS)

Context and timing are important, that’s why we extended our workflow steps to support smartforms directly as part of an activity workflow. If a safety check should be completed before the work is started, a safety smartform can be presented as a step before the technician moves to the next step, without the need to manual search for a specific checklist and complete it.

Figure: Set smartfrom as a workflow step in Admin, which will then be displayed on the device.

Support for Multiple Service Workflows (iOS)

Different tasks required different workflows, that’s why we extend our popular workflow step feature to support multiple service workflows. This means that a maintenance activity and an installation activity can use different workflows with different steps tailored to each type of task.

Barcode Scanning in Smartforms (iOS / Android)

Use the camera to scan barcodes in a smart form text field, quickly capturing a serial number saving time and avoiding the mistakes that could arise caused manually entering long values.

Figure: Scan barcode in a Smartform

Enhancements to Filtering (iOS / Android)

Influence ID: 232391

Smart filters allow users to filter service calls and activities across multiple states. Field service engineers can now easily filter service calls by two or more states e.g. “New” & “Ready to plan” or filter activities by multiple workflow step statuses e.g. “Work” & “Post-Check”.

Filtering by Multiple Service Call Statuses


UI Updates

Updated font and colors bring Fiori design to Windows 8.0, Making text more legible and improving that contrast between fields.

Home Screen

A timeline view of planned activities provide technicians with a clear picture of the day ahead.

Figure: Home screen with activity on timeline.

Create Project Teams (iOS / Android / Windows)

Customers working with project management can now create and manage teams directly from the mobile clients. Empowering field service supervisors to create and manager teams in the field and easily share an activity with a group of technicians by assigning it their team.

Figure: Creating teams on an iPad

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