What's New in this Release?

Dent Blanche

Highlights and User Impact

Toward a harmonized User Experience for the 4th generation CRM: we worked toward harmonizing the User Interface to bring a consistent experience across the SAP CX Portfolio: updated colors, brands, fonts and icons bring a fresh new look to our UI.

“Dent Blanche” is our first release as an official SAP Product, part of the C4/Hana portfolio. We have now started to harmonize the user experience to align with SAP standards in order to provide a consistent and enjoyable experience across the entire SAP C4/Hana portfolio. For this release, the focus was placed on the application shell, navigation and login screens. The changes are small but have a noticeable visual impact, with new SAP icons and the SAP 72 font having been implemented.

SAP Branding and Naming

Becoming part of SAP means we needed to redefine the product portfolio and how our solution is positioned. The most notable change here is the renaming of some of our applications alongside SAP.

The following new features were included as part of the Dent Blanche release:

Customer Self-Service (Now)

Service Feedback and Rating

Starting with this version, it is now possible to receive feedback on your service performance and improve the quality of your service thanks to the new rating concept.

With it, your end-customers can view or provide ratings in the Self-Service Portal and Service Assistant.

Equipment Location

Based on the given business model, this new setting allows to show equipment location in Service Assistant without a log-in.

Workforce Management

Activity List

The Activity list has been enhanced with a powerful fuzzy search. Now finding the activity of interest among thousands of results is now much faster and can be achieved by simply typing the information of interest in the search box and immediately obtaining results

Custom Field Filters

Planners often use custom fields to store information related to the SLAs or Territories of activities. In both the activity list and in the planning list, it is now possible to filter results based on custom fields so that only relevant information is displayed.

Group Activities on Planning Board

As a planner, you might have a group of activities belonging to the same service call that you want to plan together and release or move in a batch so that you don’t have to do it one by one. This functionality is now available and will help you to optimize planning and dispatching activities with a simple drag&drop

Time & Material Journal

Support for Multiple Timezones

When a technician fly over continents to provide on-site services, he or she can now easily book travel and work time in different time zones. The manager can then review the technician’s work time occurring in different zones as well.

Knowledge Management

Checklists Renamed to Smartforms

With the move to SAP, we also renamed the “Knowledge Management” Application to “Smartforms and Feedback” to make it clearer that this feature contains so much more than just a static checklist.

Improved Usability of Designer

With this release we updated the template designer with a focus on improving the usability of chapter navigation and using the clipboard to copy standard elements from one template or chapter to another.


Simplified User Access Management

Without needing to manage subscriptions, administrators can now manage user access on the account level and bulk edit or activate multiple users with just a few clicks.

Data Loader

People – Skills Assignments

With this release, users now have the ability to export / import people – skills assignments.

Do you manage skills to people assignments in an external system and you want to have an easy way to upload all the assignments changes via a Data Loader? The new feature will solve your problem.

You can export the skills assignments to have a clear picture of your technicians capabilities, modify the assignments in the same file, and then import it back to SAP Field Service Management.


Streaming API

As an integration engineer, are you looking for push notifications from SAP Field Service Management? The Streaming API enables an external system to receive notifications whenever an object in SAP Field Service Management is changed. This notification consists of the whole Data Transfer Object itself (DTO). In the first version only the Service Call and an Activity DTOs are supported.

Service API

Are you planning on integrating with SAP Field Service Management and you want to create a Service Call via an API? Now you can create a Service Call and an associated activity more conveniently using the Service API.


iOS / Android / Windows


Technicians in the field are now able to view the shift type on an Activity and filter the activities list based on the shift type. This allows the technician to quickly scroll through activities, based on their shift type (Day or Night shift)

General Changelog

General Changelog

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