Screen Configurations - Known Issues and Limitations


This topic outlines the limitations and known issues associated with the Screen Configurator tool and uploaded JSON screen configurations.

Screen Configurator

The following actions are NOT supported by the Screen Configurator app:

  • Reordering of Groups
  • Add/Removal of Groups

When groups are added, removed, or reordered, the changes will NOT be displayed in the impacted screen.

JSON Screen Configuration

It is currently possible to upload JSON-formatted screen configurations directly into the application from Admin > Company > Screen Configurations.

However, support for custom screen configurations that use this approach is NOT supported. Screen configuration validation and testing is the responsibility of the customer.

It is therefore recommended to use the Screen Configurator app for supported screens while noting the known issues and limitations.


Mobile and Web Apps

Limitations Description
Expressions NOT supported for all fields. Expressions (visibile, editable, mandatory) are not supported for all fields contained in a given screen configuration.
One Activite Configuration per Screen There is only one active configuration supported for a given screen. Multiple active screen configurations are NOT supported. The applications determines active screen configuration by code.
Renaming the Configuration The default configuration (Name-[screenconfigurator]) name cannot be modified. When the file name is changed, the screen configuration upload will fail.
Adding Cards Adding additional cards to a screen configuration is currently NOT supported.
Custom Translation for Screen Configuration Screen configurations currently do NOT support custom translations in either mobile applications or in the web applications.
Renaming Cards Default cards cannot be renamed.
Reordering Cards Card reordering is currently NOT supported.

Mobile Applications

Limitation Affected Client Description
Equipment Mobile screen contains read-only fields that appear to be editable. ALL It is currently possible to modify the equipment mobile screen configuration on the cloud and set the values for non-editable fields as ‘serial number’ and ‘product ID’ to ‘editable’. However, these fields are read-only and cannot be edited in the mobile app.
Mobile has its own default screen configuration iOS Different default screen configurations are used for mobile and web applications.
Editability not resepected. iOS Related to equipment screen configuration. In the Screen Configurator app, it is possible that read-only fields appear as “editable” even though they remain read-only in the mobile application.
Must include "isCustomViewModeLayout": "true" key to JSON file for Windows. Windows When customizing Effort and Work Time screens for Windows Mobile, the following key/value must be included in the JSON file: "isCustomViewModeLayout": "true". If not included, the widget field will be empty and the application will encounter display issues.
Service Call mobile screen configuration for dueDateTime shows that you can save a date and a timestamp. ALL In the mobile app in all clients, only the date is displayed in the Service Call mobile screen configuration. However, when the date field is selected a time can then be entered.

Web Applications

What does NOT work? WebApp / URL to the screen Description
Cards displayed that can not be edited / removed   Default cards cannot be removed from web app screen configurations.
Miss configuration will break the screen ServiceCall Screen Fields that are marked as isNotSupportedInLayout can nonetheless be dragged and dropped into cards. However, these unpported fields will break the configuration.
Visible expression is not working for dependant data ServiceCall Screen Screen configuration “Service Call Web” - “Visible expression” is not working properly.
UDFs are always shown in Custom fields section. Can not add new card for UDFs MDM UDFs are not displayed in the assigned card. For example, when you create a new card inside the CSMDMEquipment screen for MDM, these UDFs are not correctly placed. Navigating to the equipment screen shows that they still remain in the UDF window instead of a separate card.
Read-only setting is not respected / applied by all fields Service Call Screen Read-only setting not respected by all fields. There are some cases where obligatory, read-only fields are rendered as optional and editable.
Customization - Remove cards in Activity sidebar Activity Sidebar Removing cards from the Activity Sidebar is currently NOT supported.
Customization - adjust the Service Call sidebar Service Call Sidebar Currently, the Service Call Sidebar is NOT configurable.
Customization - Reserved material card on Service Call screen cannot be removed Service Call Screen The Reserved Material card cannot be removed from Service Call screen. field isn’t available in CSActivitySidebar using Screen Configurator and must be added by editing JSON file. Activity Sidebar In order to use the Planning Scenarios functionality, users must currently add the field in the JSON screen configuration of the CSActivitySidebar, as this field is currently unavailable in the Screen Configurator tool.