Screen Configuration for Windows Mobile


A number of screens in the SAP Field Service Windows mobile application can be configured and customized according to customer needs.

Configurable Mobile Screens

The following table shows whether the mobile screen is configurable for the SAP Field Service for Windows application, and whether that configuration can take place using the Screen Configurator tool:

Attention: for screens which cannot be configured using the Screen Configurator feature, custom screen configurations must be created by uploading the changes in JSON format.

Object Code Screen Name Description Windows Full Support with Screen Configurator
Activity ActivityList Activity List Mobile Configuration for Activity List on Mobile X X
Activity Activity Activity Details Mobile Screen for Activity Details on mobile X X
Expense Expense Expense Mobile Screen for Expense details on mobile X X
Mileage Mileage Mileage Mobile Screen for Mileage details on mobile X X
Effort Effort Mileage Effort Screen for Effort details on mobile X X
Equipment Equipment Equipment Mobile Screen for Equipment details on mobile X
Sales Order SalesOrder Sales Order Mobile Screen for Sales Order details on mobile X
SalesQuotation SalesQuotation Sales Quotation Mobile Screen for Sales Quotation details on mobile. X
SalesOpportunity SalesOpportunity Sales Opportunity Mobile Screen for Sales Opportunity details on mobile. X X
ServiceCall ServiceCall Service Call Mobile Screen for Service Call details on mobile. X X
ServiceCheckout ServiceCheckout Service Checkout Mobile Screen for Service Checkout details on mobile. X
VisitorReport VisitorReport Visitor Report Mobile Screen for Visitor Report details on mobile.
Material Material Material Mobile Screen for Material details on mobile. X X
ServiceContract ServiceContract Service Contract Mobile Screen for Service Contract Details on mobile.
Person Person Person Mobile Screen for Person details on mobile. X
BusinessPartner BusinesssPartner Business Partner Mobile Screen for Business Partner details on mobile. X X
Item Item Item Mobile Screen for Item details on mobile. X

JSON Screen Configurations

The following files can be downloaded, edited, and uploaded in Admin > Company > Screen Configurations:

Note For clients for which Screen Configurator support is indicated, you can use the UI tool by clicking on the pencil icon located beside the screen config file name in Admin > Company > Screen Configurations. Customers are responsible for testing and validating the screens configured without the use of the Screen Configurator tool.

Code JSON File Mobile App Location
Activity Activity
ActivityList Activity List
BusinessPartner Business Partner
Effort <Effort
Equipment Equipment
Expense Expense
ItemAndStock Items and Stock
Material Material
Mileage Mileage
Employee Employee
SalesOpportunity Sales Opportunity
SalesOrder Sales Order
SalesQuotation Sales Quotation
ServiceCall Service Call
ServiceContract Service Contract