Screen Configurations Overview


This topic outlines the following:

  • Known issues and limitations of screen configurations in SAP Field Service Management mobile and web-based applications.
  • Which screens can be configured using the Screen Configurator app per client.
  • Overview of the Screen Configurator tool.

Known Issues and Limitations

For information on known issues and limitations associated with screen configurations in the Android, iOS, and Windows mobile application or in the web-based applications, please refer to the following:

Known Issues & Limitations

Screen Configurations

The following links provide information about what screens can be configured and provide the JSON-formatted files for customers who wish to edit the files themselves and upload screen customizations directly in Admin > Company > Screen Configurations.

Additionally, where indicated in the Supported Screens table, the Screen Configurator tool may also be used

Web Aps Go
iOS Go
Android Go
Windows Go

Screen Configurator

For information on the fields contained in the Screen Configurator tool, please refer to the following:

Screen Configurator