Screen Configurations Overview

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This topic outlines the following:

  • Known issues and limitations of screen configurations in SAP Field Service Management mobile and web-based applications.
  • Which screens can be configured using the Screen Configurator app per client.
  • Overview of the Screen Configurator tool.

Metadata Object

Attention: The new metadata object is only available for unedited default screen configurations and custom screen configurations created on or following the 6.18.0 release of the Screen Configuration app. For previously-created/edited screen configurations, the new metadata object will not appear in the JSON configuration.

Screen configurations now include a metadata object, which indicates for which client the screen configuration has been made.

The metadata object’s “platforms” attribute supports multiple values. For example, the following array would be valid

"metadata": {"platforms": ["MOBILE_IOS", "MOIBLE_AND"]},

This would indicate that the screen configuration is valid for iOS and Android but not Windows Mobile.

Supported Platforms

When editing or creating screen configurations using JSON files, the following platform values can be paired with the metadata object’s “platforms” attribute:

Platform Description
MOBILE_GENERIC Any mobile platform
MOBILE_IOS Specific for iPhone
MOBILE_AND Specific for Android
MOBILE_WIN Specific for Windows mobile
WEBAPP Web application
GENERIC Could be used by any platform
UNKNOWN No information about the target platform

Known Issues and Limitations

For information on known issues and limitations associated with screen configurations in the Android, iOS, and Windows mobile application or in the web-based applications, please refer to the following:

Known Issues & Limitations


The following page provides an overview of expressions and expression formats supported in screen configurations:


Screen Configurations

The following page provides information about which screens can be configured and describes the process by which customers can copy the screen configuration JSON file and upload screen customizations directly in Admin > Company > Screen Configurations.

Additionally, where indicated in the Supported Screens table, the Screen Configurator tool may also be used:

Mobile Screen Configuration

Screen Configurator

For information on the fields contained in the Screen Configurator tool, please refer to the following:

Screen Configurator