Activate OCR Feature

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In a Nutshell

The following topic outlines how to activate the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature so that your customers can take a picture of an equipment’s serial number in order to report an issue on the equipment.

The OCR reader is an alternative to the QR Code scanner, which is the default option available in the Coresystems Now Self-Service app. When Configured, the OCR reader can also be used in addition to the QR Code scanner.

In order to activate to the OCR feature, you must navigate to the Settings tab .


Equipment Recognition URL

First, you will need to define your custom URL where you can search for a specific equipment record.

Enable OCR

Next, you will need to enable the optical character recognition feature for equipment. OCR is only available by navigating to the Equipment Recognition URL created in the Equipment Recognition URL setting.

Equipment Lookup Field

Next, if you wish to complete an equipment search for any field other than serialNumber you will need to define which equipment field is relevant for the equipment search..

Recognition Pattern

Finally, you will need to define the Regex pattern that is used to identify relevant equipment information.

For example: Pattern ([0-9]{6})([A-Z]{1}) would match this string: 123456X.

Testing Regex

The patterns defined in the field can be tested by selecting the Test Your Patterns button.

You will then be able to an enter an input to test the pattern again:

Now you will be able to use the OCR feature as an alternative to QR codes to read equipment details and initiate the self service chatbot: