The Self-Service Experience


Seeing it in Action

After setting up the portal, we are now ready to see what it looks like from the end-customer's perspective.

Let's scan an item and see what it looks like.

Alternatively, if you activated the OCR feature, you can also take a picture of the equipment serial number to initiate the Now chat dialog.

QR-Code Scan

Equipment Login Page

After scanning an equipment QR-code, you will be directed to the equipment login page.


Select an Option

After logging in, based on the moment-set we created, we will see the following options:

In this case, we selected the I need a technician option. This is the name we've given for our Request a technician moment. We will then be prompted to answer whether or not the device is still operational.

We will then be prompted to select the type of problem that we are experiencing:

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Describe the Problem

Now we can enter more information about the issue we are facing:

When we're finished, we can select the Save option in the top pane.

Moment-Set Management

Provide the Location

Next, we'll be prompted to confirm the location, or enter the location information if the prompted one is not correct:

Alternatively, you can select the ¤ option and provide your location using your phone's location service settings.


Selecting a Time

Next, we'll select from an available time slot:

Then we'll be prompted to check the service request before sending:

If nothing needs to be changed, click Confirm & Send to send the service request.


Request Completed

After sending the request, it will then receive a new status Planned if there are technicians with matching timeslots and availability.

Before the request is updated to the next status Travel, you can cancel the request as needed, which saves time as it is no longer needed to call service provider and waste time in hotline queues.

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Request Summary

You can then view the request summary by clicking on the request record:

As the technician travels out to the location, starts and then finishes work, the issue status will be updated. You will even be able to view the ETA when the status changes to Travel:

ATTENTION: The Google Maps services embedded in our products are not allowed to be used in the following countries and regions: China, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam.

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What's Next

After a service request has been created in the self-service portal, it can then be released to a technician using the Planning & Dispatching app:

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