Reschedule Service Request

In a Nutshell

When a service has been requested using the Customer Self-Service Portal or using the Service Assistant, it can be changed to another date and time so long has it hasn’t yet been released.


To enable customers to reschedule, you must configure the Allowed deadline for rescheduling setting:

This deadline indicates how many hours prior to the start of an unreleased assignmenet the can be rescheduled by the user (0 = rescheduling disabled).

In the above example, the customer would be able to still edit the date/time of the service request up to 4 hours before it’s scheduled start time if/when the service request were still unreleased.


Attention: The following section outlines the process for changing a time slot for an unreleased service request that has NOT exceeded the threshold input in the Allowed deadline for rescheduling setting (see above).

Change Date/Time

The date/time of a requested service can be changed by clicking the ⋮ menu beside the service request title:

The application will then prompt the user to select a new preferred date/time: