Self-Service User Types

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In a Nutshell

In Self-Service there are two types of users:

Cloud User A cloud user can access the admin features of Now and pair QR codes for items and equipment. A cloud user must have the SUPERUSER role assigned to them (see prerequisities section below).
Portal User A portal user is similar to a business partner contact. A portal user can then be created at Now > Admin > User Management.

Cloud User


In order to assign portal users, you must have SUPERUSER rights.

To assign a cloud user SUPERUSER rights, please complete the following:

Note: You must have ADMIN rights to complete the following step.

  1. From Admin, navigate to the Users tab:

  2. Select the user record you wish to assign the superuser role.

  3. Select the EDIT button on the User record view.
  4. In the Roles field, you can now select the SUPERUSER option.

  5. Save changes when complete.

Configuring Now

After receiving SUPERUSER rights, a cloud user can then access the administration functions of Self-Service.

Refer to the following guide for information on available settings.

Portal User

Creating Portal User Account

A portal user can be created by selecting the create new option in the Portal Users tab and entering the required information.

End Users (Customers)

End users who can view equipment details and status and request services can also edit the following information:

Note: End users must have existing records in the Customer Self-Service application.

  • Address Information (ship to / bill to)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Password