Requesting a Service from the Web Portal


First Things First

In order to make service requests from the web portal, you must have the complete the following prerequisites:

You must have a portal user account.
The account must have equipment records.
There must be moment-sets defined for the equipment

Seeing it in Action

After giving a user a portal user account, we are ready to see what it will look like to request a service from the web portal.

From the web portal, select the + option located at the bottom of the screen:


Select Equipment

The application will then launch a popup dialog. You will then be prompted to select an equipment record:

After selecting an equipment record, you can then provide an address .

When complete, click the Next button.


Describe the Problem

Now we can enter more information about the issue we are facing:

When complete, click the Next button.


Choose Time Slot

Now we can choose a time slot for the service request:

When complete, click the Next button.


Request Completeted

After you have confirmed and sent the service request, you can then select it from the Open Service Requests tab to view current status and other details related to the request.