Workflow Assignments

In a Nutshell

The Workflow Assignments screen is used to view and manage the assignment between workflow steps and the visual icon used to represent them in the customer-facing interface.

Workflow steps refer to the status options available to the technician to communicate the current status of a given service request (example: travel, work.).

A Closer Look

The Workflow Assignment screen consists of a drag-and-drop feature with which you can select which worklow steps you wish to associate with the available external status icons.

Chat/Portal Statuses

The Chat/Portal statuses are the statuses/milestones that a request will progress through from start to finish.

The following Chat/Portal statuses are used:

Workflow Step Description
Open Indicates that the service request has been made, but not yet planned.
Planned Indicates that the service request has been planned.
Travel Used to inidicate the technician is traveling en route to the equipment/item location.
Work Used to indicate that the activity is currently in progress.
Finished Used to inidicate that the activity is complete.

Standard workflow steps are available by default and cannot be removed.

Workflow Steps

Workflow steps are used by the technicians responding to a service request. These steps are located in the mobile application used by the technician responding the service request.

In the Workflow Assignment screen you can add and order the workflow steps below the Chat/Portal statuses. The workflow steps will then be executed in that order from start to finish.

Workflow Step Description
Accept Used by technicians to accept the service request.
Reject Used by technicans to reject the service request, which can then be reassigned.
Checkout Indicates that the activity has been completed and checked out.
Close Indicates that the activity has been closed.

Workflow Step Status Configuration

By selecting the Configuration option for a workflow step, you can then define the following:

Field Description
Show original status name instead of external status. By selecting, the application will display the workflow step name to the end-customer, as opposed to the simply displaying the name of the Chat/Portal status.
Show original icon (if available) By selecting, the icon selected for the workflow step will also be displayed to the end-customer.

Service Feedback and Rating

It is now possible to receive feedback on service performance and improve service quality with the Feedback and Rating feature.

With it, your end-customers can view or provide ratings in the Self-Service Portal and Service Assistant after a service has been successfully completed.


1. The rating option is displayed in the status tab when a service is completed.
2. If the rating was provided via email, the result will display in the Portal.
3. If comments were also provided, these will display beside the rating.