Extension Apps Management


The Extension App Management enables users to discover, install, delete, disable and enable Extension apps.

The screenshot below shows the Extension App Management page:

This page will list all the installed extensions.

Under https://«< cluster »>.coresystems.net/shell/#/foundational-services/extension-management the user can access the Extension Management.

Discovering Extension Apps

By clicking on Marketplace on the top right corner the SAP App Center can be accessed. All public extensions for FSM can be found there, and the Partners that built them can be contacted if necessary.

Installation of Extension Apps

On the top right the user can install an Extension App by clicking on “Add Extension App”.

There are two possibilities to install an Extension App:

  • Automatic Installation
  • Manual Installation

Automatic Installation

By choosing the “Deployment-Type” “Automatic”, the Extension App will be installed on the customers KYMA cluster. This uses Helm-Chart technology and will deploy a pod on the KYMA cluster connected to the FSM system containing the Extension App.

The “Deployment Artifacts URL” needs to point to the Git repository where the Extension App is located.

Additionally a “Deployment Configuration” can be provided as a JSON string, if the Extension App requires it.


Please ensure you have enabled Kyma integration as described in SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory Integration and setup extension installer described in FSM Extension App Installer for Kyma.

More information on how to create apps that can be installed on KYMA can be found here.

Manual Installation

“Deployment Type” “Manual” should be chosen if the Extension is hosted on another server. It can be any SSL secured URL containing the correct Extension App structure.

More information about the Extension can be found here.

The “Deployment Type” “Manual” requires users to provide the Extension App URL in the “Extension Access URL” field.

Confirming Installation

If the URL points to a valid extension, the summary screen that appears will display information about the app that is to be installed.

By clicking “Install” the installation will be initiated. The status of the installation can be monitored on overview screen.

Deletion of Extension Apps

By clicking on the actions menu (⋮) on an Extension App in the catalog screen, you will see the option to delete a given app from the tenant. By selecting this option, the App Extension will be uninstalled from the tenant as well as from KYMA if it is hosted there.

Disabling of Extension Apps

Extensions can be deactivated in the tenant by clicking on “Disable” in the actions menu (⋮).

Enabling of Extension Apps

Should the Extension App be deactivated it can be reactivated in the actions menu (⋮)by clicking on “Enable”.