How to Place Extensions


This page describes how to assign a registered extension to a specific location within SAP FSM. This assumes you created and registered your extension, and know where you can run extensions in SAP FSM.

When assigned to a specific location, extensions are available for all users within the company. Configuration needs to be done by a user granted with the SUPERUSER permissions.

Enable Configuration Mode

You can enable the configuration mode using the three dot menu on the top left of the top bar.

When activated, an orange “configuration model” label appears on the middle of the top bar.

Add an Extension

Navigate to an application with a defined location for extensions, all locations for extension now appear on screen with an action button to add a plugin.

Select within the modal window which extension to use.

A notification confirms that the extension will now appear in the selected location.

Remove an Extension

To remove an extension, click on the cross button on the top right.

Disable Configuration Mode

To disable configuration mode, you can click on the orange label centered within the top bar, or go back to the three dots menu and select “Close Extension Configuration”