Smartforms and Feedback Settings

In a Nutshell

The following settings are available for the Smartforms and Feedback application:

The Smartforms and Feedback app incldues four configurations to change the information displayed in the Smartform Designer interface.

Configuration Description
Template list column configs By selecting this button, you can reset the Smartform Template Manager view to the default settings.
Checklist designer remembered action By enabling, actions will be remembered when creating a new version of a template.
Show Element IDs By selecting this configuration, the application will display the element ID (example: unique_chapter_1).
Enable Advanced Tools When enabled, the Smarforms and Feedback app will display a Export raw xmls option in the action menu.
Enable Report View Feature This feature enables you to view and design template reports by selecting smartform elements and laying them over available fields. Mobile users would then be able to enter/complete smartforms using the same PDF Report View, making for an intutive smartform experience.
Always increment clipboard element IDs with default naming When it is selected the numerical ID of an element in increased when dragging the element from the clipboard to the template, e.g. if there is a number element on the clipboard with id "numberinput3" the id on the smartform will be automatically changed to "numberinput4".

Additionally, this helps you when you have a specific element stored in the clipboard that you want to use in different templates and want to make sure the ID remains uniqure.