Notice on Upgrading from Coresystems to SAP (Mobile Field Service)


Since announcing the SAP acquisition of Coresystems FSM in June, we have been hard at work, migrating our applications to the SAP environment.

The Coresystems mobile applications have been rebranded and uploaded to the Apple and Google Play stores and SAP Marketplace ( Windows Desktop App).

Transition from Coresystems to SAP

Starting with the 7.7.0 release scheduled for late-December 2018, the Coresystems mobile apps will no longer be updated and will be removed from the stores by 22 March 2019. Existing Coresystems customers should migrate to the SAP FSM apps.

An In-App popup will appear in the iOS and Android 7.7.0 apps, asking users to sync their data and download the new application.

For Windows, since there is no app store listing, companies wishing to distribute new versions of the EXE to their technicians should download it from the SAP page listed below (table).

Migration Process

Using the current Coresystems app, please make sure all data has been synchronized.

You can then download the relevant app from the following locations:

Download Locations

Attention: Upon downloading the Field Service Management application from the Apple, Google Play, or directly from SAP (Windows), you should make sure all your data has been synchronised from the Coresystems app. Any data captured offline must be synchronised with our backend systems, in order for it to appear in the SAP FSM application.

Application URL
Attention: Requires SAP customer account to download.

SAP Support

Login / Access

After installing the SAP Field Service Management application on your device, you will be able to login using the same credentials you used on the Coresystems app.

Attention: A full sync is needed after logging into the SAP application for the first time.